DIY: Cakes that last forever

Need to give a present that is adorable, and seems edible, but not? Something that enables you to put your heart into it?How to make someone smile?

Felt cakes!

Although I am very unskilled in the textiles area, sewing is/was one of my pastime hobbies. I especially enjoying sewing cakes. I was cleaning my room and found these new boxes of cake patterns that I want to finish by the end of summer.I bought some of these from Hong Kong, and some from Asian craft stores.


Everything looks so yummy! And they last forever once they’re made.

I think I’ll start with the box of chocolates first!…Then make the little cakes and then master the big box cake! Then I can decorate my room of cake and delicious cuteness!

This is a small slice of chocolate cake I made couple summers ago- every thing was hand sewn from scratch by me (thank goodness for instructions though!)

On nom chocolate cake!

And this is one of my more recently sewn green-tea cake 🙂 I totally messed up on the big white cream puff on top of the cake though 🙁

Green Tea Cake

I apologize for my horrible stitching! They need to be smaller and tighter ><” Please forgive me! I’m still trying to practice and improve my skills, and hopefully my newer sewing projects will be closer to perfect!

You readers can be my judge =) I feel like posting here will motivate me to finish these cakes, instead of leaving them lying around my room! You have just hopped on my cake sewing journey of summer 2012!


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