Asymmetrical/High-Low Dress~ What’s your verdict?!

I’ve been on the hunt for an asymmetrical dress (dress that is shorter in the front and long in the back,) ever since I saw them on Gossip Girl. But since I’m fairly short, it’s hard to find a dress that isn’t too long that touches the ground. One of my blog readers, cokarabbit said to look at Forever 21, and look is what I did. Due to the jumble mess and that none of the dresses are ever on the right rack, I couldn’t find any that looked right. After searching for a while, I saw this dress on a rack of sweaters and grabbed it.

The length was great- since it didn’t touch the ground when I’m barefoot. I also like the summer-y floral/poppy pattern. It also came with a belt.   Unfortunately, for a size small dress, it was still kind of big. I bought it anyway, because I justified that I can wear a lace tube top or tank under the dress and it would look decent. Or should I get it altered. For a $29.80 dress is it worth it? Let me know what you think!

By the way, the dress can also be found online here on the Forever 21 site.The picture on the right is a model wearing the dress.

Here’s my version! (And following is very bad self taken, low quality portraits of the dress.)

Please ignore my derp face. I don’t know how to pose.

Do I look too young for it..even tho I’m in my 20’s. =.=”

The dress!

Yay or nay? Keeper? Too big? Should I leave it the way it is, or adjust it? Return it? What’s your verdict?

Post Finals Ramble: H Pylori, Asos, Starbucks, Earth Day Perks (tea + Sephora!)

I finally, finally survived my 5 finals in 6 days week + 2 sleepovers at UBC campus + average of 15-20 hours of sleep this whole week (approximately 3-4 hours of sleep/day.) I’ve been awake since 5 am studying for electronics,and I am finally FREE.

I feel like I haven’t been on WordPress for ages, so here’s a update on the little things during the last couple days…and I can’t wait to write the million thing I want to share after this post.

1) For the past couple weeks, I got H Pylori infection– a type of bacteria sitting in the stomach that pretty much makes you feel like crap. H Pylori is the cause of ulcers (don’t think I have one..) and it also causes inflammation of the stomach.For the first two weeks of April, I have been eating 8 pills/day (antibiotics), and it hasn’t been fun. I wanted to write a bit about it for all those people who googles about it, because when I first got my box of pills, I was freaking out, googling about side effects, and freaking out more.

8 pills a day x 2 weeks = 112 pills

I did not get any side effects, maybe a bit sleepy and “full” for the first couple days, but after that, I just held my breath and popped them in like candy. The biaxin (yellow pill) tastes the worst. I held my breath, swallowed it, and then sucked on candy or something so I won’t taste the after taste. This was not a fun ordeal, but at least I can eat like a normal, young, healthy person again!

For all those who are ever diagnosed with positive H Pylori, DON’T go online and be obsessed with forums of people taking natural remedies and stuff. Do what the doc says.

2) I redeemed my free Starbucks drink that I luckily got from my last purchase. I got an Iced Caramel Macchiato! Very yummy, but I shouldn’t have jumped into the caffeine diet so fast cause the acidity of the caffeine made me feel queasy.

Iced Caramel Macchiato ($3.75 for tall, but free for me!)

3) Starbucks part 2: I GOT MY GOLD CARD! ^____^

Starbucks gold card

3) I received my bow tie ring I bought from ASOS on sale ages ago. I’ve been looking for a big chunky ring, and this is adjustable too!Great accessory to make a plain outfit interesting!

ASOS bow ring

4) I have been obsessed with Instagram lately (follow me at wheetnee if you are interested :D) , and here’s a nice picture of cherry blossom tree I took on campus. I was trying to go for an “artistic shot/angle” so I shot it while I was under the tree. 😛

Instagram love

5) Tomorrow is Earth Day, and lots of retailers are having special promotions:

-As I mentioned in my last post, Starbucks is giving free coffee or tea if you bring your own travel mug.

David’s Tea is giving away free tea of the day when you bring in your travel mug.

Sephora is having a promotion I am excited about! Bring in an empty cosmetic jar and get a FREE FULL SIZED Origins moisturizer. Going to go when the store openings in the am!

Khiels is also giving some kind of starter kit if you bring in an empty cosmetic jar! This promo runs from April 18-30th! I never tried anything from Khiels so I’m excited to check it out!


I’m excited to go around Downtown Vancouver to check out these Earth Day perks tomorrow!


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