About Me!

I’m Whitney and this is my personal blog on all things lifestyle- beauty, fashion, food, and anything else I find interesting. I live in Richmond, BC (though I mostly associate myself from Vancouver) and graduated from UBC in Electrical Engineering. Currently, I am working as an Engineer in Training. I’m a geek who loves to write and share! I started blogging because I wanted to be more creative outside of school. Also, I always wanted to be an author since I was a kid, and I still hope to publish a book in the future! Ever since I could read, I hoped I could be someone who writes words that people will read, and where else to start, other than a blog?


The beauty blogger face

I was aiming to write a blog on my academic life and incorporating my geeky love for Harry Potter, but this blog has evolved into totally something else! I used to hate makeup and all things beauty, mostly because I wear my glasses 24/7 and I didn’t feel right with contacts on either, hence I never felt comfortable with my appearance. Sometimes, I still don’t.

The fashion side

The fashion side

When I started blogging, I became more comfortable with myself and I wanted to share what kind of beauty/fashion looks I go for. I also am an avid sushi and dessert muncher, so beware, there will be a lot of foodporn happening on my blog!

The foodie side

The foodie side

Photographs are currently taken by iPhone 4S camera or Sony NEX F3K/B.

Brands I have worked with:

  • Annabelle Cosmetics
  • Marcelle Cosmetics
  • Revlon
  • Nail Polish Canada
  • Broadway Nails
  • Sammydress
  • Superdry
  • 4 Angels Beauty Care
  • ESQUIDO Lashes

I have also written for other blogs such as Vancity Buzz and Makeup Mew.

Disclaimer: I do receive products to test and review from time to time; I will always make a note which items were sent to me. Additionally, I sometimes include affiliate links from third party websites. Macarons and Mischief is dedicated to providing honest reviews of each product used and featured on the blog.

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    Hi foodie! Nice blog. I can definitely relate to your passion for ramen and macarons. Though I haven’t been to any good ramen places in Vancouver yet.
    Keep up the good food-work!

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