Buytopia Inner Circle Foodie Visit: The Ticket Kitchen + Bar

A while ago I was approached by Buytopia and was invited to join their Inner Circle, where we can test out deals before we try them! One deal that I had the privilege to try out was a 3 course meal for 2 at The Ticket Kitchen and BarUnfortunately, this deal already ended, but hopefully it will come around some time, or you can check out the restaurant for a fun food adventure!

The Ticket is located near BC Place in Downtown, Vancouver. It’s especially convenient if you plan to watch the Canucks game there, or have some food before/after the game itself! I went in on Saturday while Canucks was playing against the Flames and got an excellent view of the TV (and we won!)

The Ticket had lots of open space and high ceilings, so you don’t feel cramped in the restaurant.

ticket area

Time for food! The 3 course deal included – 1 appetizer to share, 2 entrees (1 entree per person,) and 1 dessert to share. The only restriction we were told is that we couldn’t order the prime rib. My friend and I started out with the Crab Cakes ($14).

Fresh crab meat in Crispy Panko, Lemon Aioli

crab cakes
Crab cakes

The crab cakes were a delicious start to the meal. Fried crispy on the outside, and hot fresh, tasty crab meat on the inside. I smothered my piece in the lemon mayo sauce that was on the plate.

For the entree, my friend had the Ribeye($40).

14 oz Cab Ribeye, whiskey peppercorn sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

rib eye

I was really jealous when his dish came because the portion was big. He found the ribeye to be delicious and well cooked. There was a lot of sauce drizzled and seeped into the meat. He did note that it was a bit too thick to chew constantly.

Why was I jealous of his ribeye? I ordered the Lemon Butter salmon ($23) and it seemed a tad smaller for my foodie-trained stomache. I honestly never order fish as an entree when I’m out eating, I’ve always been a steak and chicken eater, but I thought this time I would try something different.

Sockeye filet, Lemon Caper Butter Sauce, Couscous, Season Vegetables

lemon butter salmon
Lemon Butter Salmon
lemon butter saLMON closeup
Lemon Butter Salmon closeup

I’m on a lemon flavoured food roll, since the appetizer and the entree had some sort of lemon sauce to it. The top of the salmon where it was grilled was the tastiest part as it was soaked with sauce and spices. Lemon and fish have always complemented each other! However, I wish the portion was a bit bigger.  I had a bite of the “Couscous” and admittedly, it’s not my thing. I’m not a great health nut, but I do eat my veggies!

Lastly for dessert, I wanted to order the trio of creme brulee. Unfortunately, they ran out so we opted for the cheesecake with berry compote ($8).

cheesecake with berry compote

I thought it would be like a New York Style cheesecake. This cheesecake was soft but  too heavy for me and I got full quickly after consuming less than half the the cake.

Service was running a tad slow in the beginning, but the server was very apologetic since they were having a crazy evening with some sort of event happening in downtown. I found that the plates serving steak/prime ribs are on the pricier side, however, the rest is quite standard, especially in downtown. Overall, I enjoyed the food and the feeling of the restaurant. Thank you, Ticket and Rob, for having me, and Buytopia, with the offer! 

[Disclaimer: I am part of the Inner Circle where we get to test their deals and blog about them, and also earn commission if purchases are made by my personal affiliate link. However, I am always committed to be honest to my readers. ]

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  • john bradshaw layfield

    Free food… I need to get hooked up on this kind of deal you got going

    • wheetnee

      Haha! Food is..awesome? :)

  • alison*elle

    You ordered completely different dishes than I did! Too bad they ran out of the creme brulee when you went… it was super yummy :)

  • Sunny

    Ahhh so cruel! Do you have to tempt me with all that food? I’m totally dreaming about having an unreasonably big meal now LOL