Food Review: Capstone- Deluxe High Tea and Chocolate Fondue

One of my latest food adventures is due to The Red Pocket which had a coupon I bought a month ago- $38 for Deluxe High Tea + Chocolate Fondue for Two at Capstone Richmond. The coupon included

  • Afternoon High Tea Set
  • Chocolate Pot
  • Fruit Dish
  • Assorted Pastry Dish
  • Ice-cream Truffles
  • 4 Toppings for ice-cream
  • 2 drinks

There are two locations, and the coupon was only valid for Capstone Tea and Fondue in Richmond. It is located on Capstan Way, so commuters may have a harder time arriving there, but there’s lots of parking space for drivers!

Instagram snapshot of my delicious afternoon
Instagram snapshot of my delicious afternoon

Reservations had to be made, and luckily we weren’t in trouble for being 20 minutes late. All we had to do when we arrived was order the drinks, as everything else was already pre-pared. My friend ordered a matcha frappe, and I ordered a Fresh Fruit Sparkling Tea- Blueberry Fruit Tea.

I was extremely thirsty, and this drink quenched it! It was so refreshing, and it wasn’t sweet. The sparkling bit was delicious and the various fruits mixed in made this a very, necessary drink for my thirsty self.

blueberry fruit tea 1

blueberry fruit tea 2

Then the edibles came!

The pastries on the left are banana bred, sponge cake (fairly dense and yummy,) and matcha cookies. Then for fruit we got bananas, pineapples, green apples, grapes, and strawberries. They all tasted fresh (I skipped on the banana cake and pineapple though, not my favourite foods) and tasted better dipped in chocolate!

fondue toppings

My favourite part are the ice cream truffles. We only got 6 to share- the flavours were coconut, mango, and raspberry (I think.) The coconut ice cream was a dream!

ice cream truffles

Ice Cream Truffle dipped in Chocolate
Ice Cream Truffle dipped in Chocolate

Along with fondue, my friend and I each got a high tea set – a three tier tray of savouries and sweets.

high tea set

There were two flavours of sandwiches, ham and cucumber salad. I preferred the cucumber salad one better, the ham one tasted a bit too ordinary. The rest were mini croissants that weren’t too outstanding, although they were cute. The tiny chocolate croissant was delicious though.

I do wish there was a bit more variety- doesn’t high tea need scones? They could’ve taken a croissant/danish or two away.

croissant and sandwich

This little mini green sweet was delicious because it tasted like a fererro rocher- hazelnut and chocolate is the best combination ever!

cake and macarons

If you have been following my blog, you know I love my macarons. I was surprised to find that Capstone had fairly decent macarons, albeit the taste was a bit artificial. However I liked the soft, chewy texture and it was decent sized as well. The coffee macaron was divine!

macarons capstone

I prefer the ice cream fondue over the high tea set for sure. Their ice cream truffles never fail to disappoint me. If you’re interested in trying the afternoon tea set, it is $14.95 + includes a drink!


Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Capstone. There was a lot of food, and I couldn’t finish it all. They do not have boxes for carry out, but the server kindly gave me plastic cups (for to-go drinks) to put my extra croissants away. Additionally, the service was great! Perhaps there weren’t a lot of people when we went on a Thursday night, but the two people were working there were very attentive and came to ask if we were enjoying everything. It was also nice and quiet so my friend and I enjoyed our meal in peace.

high tea fondue capstone

Capstone Tea & Fondue in Richmond is great for friendship bonding and chatting over ice cream and a pot of chocolate. Your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied here!

Highly recommend stuffing yourselves with chocolate coated ice cream truffles.

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  • Sherbet and Sparkles

    Omg that all looks soooo good!

    • wheetnee

      come to Vancouver and try some! 😀

  • luchessa

    Oh my you are SOOO incredibly mean posting such a delicious post on here. 😛 Wow i wish i had i been there too!!

    Sweetie, you have been tagged with the Christmas tag. Stop by and keep the fun rolling 😉

    • wheetnee

      Sorry :( I wish I could share some delicious food with you too <3
      Ooooo Christmas!! 😀 Will check it out!!

      • luchessa

        oh yes, pls do!!

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