Food Review: Gyo-o 魚王

For some decently priced Japanese food in  Japanese decor, Gyo-o is the place to be. Awhile ago I had dinner at Gyo-o and when I walked in I really liked looking at all the funky decor on their walls. I couldn’t read any of it though.

I was facing this wall while I was eating. Are these food names or what?

Because it was a weekday and at around 6 pm, there weren’t many people eating yet and we were seated immediately. However, when it came to around 7pm, people were flooding and waiting for tables. The place is fairly small, so it fills up with customers quite quickly.

I ordered the Seafood Ramen ($10) with Tonkotsu base soup. I really liked this soup base, much better than miso! It was full of flavour but not too salty.  I liked the different kinds of seaweed, except for the red ones. The portion was huge so I didn’t end up finising it.  The ramen started getting soggy after 20 minutes, so eat this fast for fresh, hot ramen. I do wish they added an egg or something though.

My friend ordered the Seafood Salad Ramen. It was extremely colourful and as tasty as it looks.

Seafood Salad Ramen
Seafood Salad Ramen

Oh, I also saw a sign for macarons! Didn’t try any though!

The service was kind and quick- Gyo-o makes a good spot for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner. This is a place worth trying for food with authentic Japanese flair.
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  • TaniStates

    I love Japanese Food! This place looks cool and cute :)

    • wheetnee

      I love Japanese food too! The quirkier the inside is, the more fun it is too 😀

  • Foodobyte

    Try the oyster ramen next time! 😀

    • wheetnee

      okay! 😀