Food Review: Mimibuloveme

Even for someone who is lactose intolerant, I cannot resist the temptation of a deliciously crafted dessert, especially if ice cream is involved. Thewalkntalk and I decided to have a mini dessert session at Mimibuloveme, located a very short distance from Oakridge Centre. They are well known for their parfaits, and I had to have one even though it was a cold day.

I had the Black Sesame parfait which consisted of black sesame ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream, mochi balls, and gluten free graham crackers for $7.10. I was sold when I read “black sesame ice cream” and “mochi balls.”

Black sesame ice cream is seriously one of the best flavours out there!


Within the parfait, there is also organic honey puffed wheat. The mochi balls were amazing!! Chewy and sweet, I could eat a whole bucket of those!

My blogger friend had the Tiramisu parfait, which looked amazing!





I have my eye on getting the tiramisu flavour next time, or green tea! They all sound amazing. If you’re a dessert lover (in BC) please visit this place! It is a bit expensive for the size you get, but it was one of the best cold desserts I had on a cold day.

Hope I made you all hungry with some lovely, cold dessert pictures! :)

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  • Karen

    This looks amazing! Yummmmm and the black sesame icecream sounds delicious :)

  • Foodobyte

    OMG! I really wanna go there… it’s already on my list 😛

  • kyo1986

    OMG I love parfaits! Now I really want to go try this place. Btw have you been to Berry Good in Richmond? They have amazing cakes! Earl Grey Cheese Cake is ma favourite :)

  • thebuttonupblog

    Like whoa!! So good

  • CokaRabbit

    Yummy!! I hope I can have all of them NOW!