Food Review: Crepe De Licious

After a long wait, the new food court, aka the Dining Terrace at Richmond Centre has finally opened! To solve my craving for a sweet tooth, and reward myself after a long week of midterms, my friend and I had a mini dessert at Crepe De Licious! Crepe De Licious is attached to Froshberg Gelato, and both line ups are fairly busy from what I’ve seen so far.

We chose a sweet crepe called the New York for $9.95. It had Nutella, a slice of New York cheesecake, and strawberries topped with dulce de leche. It sounds like sweet bliss- and it was.

Because of the glass walls, people can watch the cook make the crepes.

I was handed a big crepe to go. It was hard to hold it steady while I was trying to snap a picture.

I love cheesecake and I was so happy to see a slice of cake in that crepe.

The moment you get it when it’s warm, eat it before it cools down too much, or it gets less tasty. The nutella + crepe is delicious! The cheesecake was a bit hard to eat since it was thick and obviously hard to bite down on the whole crepe. We picked at it for a while with a fork then started to eat it with the crepe.

The melting nutella, the warm crepe, and the rich cheesecake was exactly what I needed to retain my sugar levels. The warmth from the crepe softened the cake after a while, which made it easier to eat. My only complaint is that amount of strawberries I got. If I counted the sliced I had, it may have only amounted to 1.5 strawberries. Strawberries and chocolate is beautiful combination and I wish I go to taste more of that.

The New York was a very, very filling dessert even though I only ate half, so prepare an appetite before eating this. For almost $10 for a crepe, it is quite expensive in my opinion, but worth it if you share with someone.

Nom Nom Nom from my instagram

Have you tried Richmond Centre’s Dining Terrace yet?

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  • pinkmarshmellows

    wow that piece of cake looks huge in the crepe! :O Must try!!! :)

    • wheetnee

      Do try and let me know what you think 😀 The cake is HUGE! needs two people to finish haha

  • Karen

    Wow this looks deadly! Haha. And I mistook Richmond for a suburb here in Melbourne Australia, shame I’m in the wrong country and can’t try it out!

    • wheetnee

      Aw no, I wish I could ship some over to you haha!

  • Foodobyte


    • wheetnee

      Gett it!!!! I want to try the gelato place beside it

      • Foodobyte

        Haha I will! :) and then i’ll blog on it too 😛

  • storybookapothecary

    looks amazing! Holy crap – can’t believe there was cake in that crepe haha x

  • calluswhatever

    OMG! You made me want a crepe right now!
    That looks delicious!

    • wheetnee

      Treat yourself to one! Always time for dessert!!