Food Review: Au Petit Cafe 小小咖啡屋

It was a pouring, rainy day and my friends and I were planning to meet up at Burgoo. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, there was an hour wait, and none of our stomaches could wait that long! Instead, we went down on Main Street and went to a Vietnamese restaurant instead- Au Petit Cafe.

Au Petit Cafe  is famous for their Viet subs (Banh Mi). I was tempted to order a bowl of pho instead since I was cold, but their subs are supposed to be extremely delicious. so I ordered a house special- French Bread with Home Made Ham, House Meat Ball, Vegetable, and Hot Peppers ($5.)

The sandwich is placed on a French bread. I heard that the French bread is ordered from Granville Island.  It was warm and toasty, and the meats inside were soft and tender. I loved the sauce they added as well! The jalepeno peppers were a bit spicy, and I only had one. This was a heartwarming sandwich and it was exactly what I needed. For $5, this was a perfect lunch.

Out of a group of five, four of us ordered viet subs, while one ordered a bowl of pho with beef balls and rare beef. Here’s a snapshot of a delicious hot bowl of pho on a cold day:

I wish I could come to Main Street more often to try out the food around there, and also come back here to try other viet subs. I recommend Au Petit Cafe for a cheap yet satisfying meal.

This place accepts cash only.

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  • luchessa

    I would def have the hot bowl. Im such a soup lover. I can have it in every possible variation, every day!! :)

    • wheetnee

      I love hot soup too :)

      • luchessa

        I mean nothing better on a cold winter day, right??

  • luchessa

    btw dear i tagged you in a “This or That” tag. I would love seeing you answers. enjoy:

  • Karen

    YUM! This just made me super hungry, both the banh mi and the pho look so delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

    • wheetnee

      Pho/Viet food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines!

  • CokaRabbit

    pho with beef balls!!!! My favorite! What’s weather like in your area now?!?! My area is still hot during the day time though…

    • wheetnee

      Rainy and chilly..typical Vancouver weather :( I wish it was warm and sunny in the day time too >.<