Social Media Update

Hi followers and readers!

Just want to let you all know that I made a Facebook page. Always wanted to make one, but not sure how the turnout would be like. Finally bite the dust! Click below to be redirected! I promise I won’t bore you!

WandsAndPliers Facebook Page

Also, I do have a twitter account where I shamelessly instagram every single cute and aesthetically pleasing food item that is put infront of me. I also tweet about random stuff and my boring life in university. I may spazz about my love for Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe as well.

Follow me @wheetnee

I hope to chat with all of you and keep you updated! I promise more posts to come! I have a bunch of drafts and stuff to share with you all! Thanks for all the support, blogging has always been fun because you readers make it fun! Blogging is half me, but also half audience too!

Thank You