More Food Please!! Review on Shang Noodle House 尚麵館

Seriously have been eating way too much these days….

My friend recommended this place for a little dinner before some badminton , and I have found a new delicious restaurant in Richmond! We went to Shang Noodle House 尚麵館, a restaurant located on Saba Road, near the Richmond Brighouse sky train station. This is a place people should go during lunch breaks when they’re working in the mall, because I am definitely bringing my mom here next time!

They had a good variety of noodles on their menu. Other people at our table ordered individual bowls of noodle soup, while two other friends and I shared two special combos.

We had Special B and C ($9.50 each.)

Special B included: Grilled Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Udon in Japanese Mushroom Soup, Deep Fried Chicken Wing, and Peach Juice.

Grilled Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Udon in Japanese Mushroom Soup

Delicious! The soup was hot and satisfying. The noodles were great and the broccoli tasted good too! There was a bit of bone and fat on the pork, but the lemongrass was nicely flavoured with the meat! The portion of meat was decent too!

Chicken Wing

Literally a chicken wing. This was nicely fried and juicy! I felt so unhealthy when I was eating this!

Peach juice

Very cool and refreshing! I don’t see other noodle places offering peach juice and these kind of combos, so I like the variety in Shang Noodle House! These three items were definitely worth that $9.50!

Special C included: Teriyaki Chicken Steak with Japanese Ramen in Miso Soup, Marinated Tofu and Egg, Soy milk (we chose hot.)

Teriyaki Chicken Steak

Another noodle soup with good portion of meat! There was a bit of fat stuck on the chicken, but that’s okay! It may look kind of bland, but there was good Teriyaki flavour, without too much salt. I liked the soup inside the ramen, although it was a bit thick to drink too much of it.

I was literally too busy eating, so I didn’t manage to take a picture of the marinated tofu!  There were approximately 6 slices of marinated tofu and half an egg. The egg looked a bit too raw for my liking, so my friend ate that. The tofu was very soft and the marinated flavour made it a very enjoyable appetizer.

Soy Milk

Haven’t had a cup of hot soy milk from a restaurant for AGES! When I drank this I sighed in goodness. It is on the sweet side, but I like it sweet! Interesting that soy milk comes as a beverage- again, not seen much in restaurants.

In total, after tax ($21.28) and tips, my friends and I paid $8 each ($24 all together) for these two specials and they were definitely worth it, and SUCH a good deal!

Other notes: I also like the interior of the cafe, very modern and clean looking! I felt comfortable sitting there, and the tables and chairs are very spacious.

I recommend this noodle house- the place is nice, the food is good and decently priced, and the location is great!

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  • storybookapothecary

    noodles! and peach juice yumm. Seems like Vancouver has so many awesome places to eat.. x