Macaron Adventures Part IX: French Made Baking from Ladner Village Market

My mom went to Ladner Village Market on Sunday and brought me home a mini treat… a 6 pack of macarons from French Made Baking! I never been to French Made Baking; there store is located on Kingsway and it is rather far for me. So I was so excited when my mom was like DUM DE DUM guess what I got you! And she pulled macarons out of a bag like magic! My mom usually disapproves of my sweet confectionary eating habit, especially macarons. Hooray for mom being kind!


So, I didn’t technically make a journey there and call it an adventure, but it’s another macaron spot under my belt.

A 6-pack costs $10. I wasn’t sure what flavours were in the box, so I tweeted to the company and they told me all the flavours in order! +1 for fast, responsive reply from French Made Baking!


As you can see, there is a bit of size dis-proportionality going on. However, don’t judge a book (or macaron) by its cover.

The flavour of macarons from left to right:

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate, Passionfruit and Milk Chocolate, Lime Curd, Blackcurrant, Yuzu and Dark Chocolate, Pistachio

I love the assorted flavours! Never seen lime curd and blackcurrant macarons before! And they didn’t disappoint! The shells were so smooth! They were also delicate; too much pressure while holding it cracks the shell! The size was fairly reasonable- the price for this is fairly decent- for the number of macarons you get and the size of them!

Closeup of blackcurrant

My favourite of the six was  yuzu and dark chocolate- I love dark chocolate and it tasted well with yuzu fruit. Light ans sweet, not too tart, plus throw in the sharp taste of dark chocolate- delicious! I also really liked pistachio, tasted authentic and not sweet! Probably one of the best pistachio macarons I’ve had…

The only macaron that fell short was the passionfruit and milk chocolate. This is due to my tastebuds geared toward the passionfruit flavour I had in bubble teas, and not this kind of passionfruit. I’m not a milk chocolate lover so this macaron was a bit off for me.

None of these macarons were very sweet. I think this place has the least-sweetest macarons; which is a good thing! Hope I can visit the actual shop one day!

The Ladner Village Market next opening days are August 26th and September 9, from 10am-4pm!

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  • jsleigh14

    I love those, esp since they’re not too sweet! Glad we agree.

  • jothetartqueen

    yuzu and dark chocolate sounds interesting..would love to try it too!