Geek Chic: Simple Look with Bold Glasses

It always sucks to be the one stuck in glasses while everyone looks fabulous glasses-less. I always get the feeling I’m looked over with them. I recently got purple ombre, thicker glasses frames, and I thought they would look fine..but when I got them WITH my lenses and I actually saw them clearly, I realized that they were a bit big for my face, and made my eyes look small! I was in a mini panic mode, and not that I can return my glasses either! Btw~ sorry for the not very hd, clear photos; will snap better shots in better lighting next time!!

I wanted to do a look for everyday or working- simple and doesn’t look caked on! I’m planning to do a series of them for different occasions, for all the glasses wearers out there!

Two things to remember: we want to make sure  groomed brows are framing your frames, and make sure those eyebags are not extremely casted by the shadows of the frames!

Cover those eyebags! I use:

Concealers (image composed by me)

I first use Maybelline’s Dream Lumi (review here) to highlight, then I usually use Bare Minerals Well Rested concealer. For heavier coverage, I use Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer (not the best product, does a mediocre job- but trying to finish it and dump it!) after highlighting, then pat some Bare Minerals on as “setting powder.” I have been using that pot of Bare Minerals Well Rested since 2009!

Next- define the eyes. Have small eyes? Delude people to make them bigger!

Eyes (image composed by me)

My glasses tends to cover half the eyeshadow- so if bolder colours would be deminished behind my lens. But as I am going for a quick simple look, all I do to brighten my eyes is apply Urban Decay Naked Palette’s Virgin from my outer crease into my browbone and Sin on my eyelids. I also like to put a bit of brown eyeshadow (Smog) into the crease as well. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a bit darker, the frames cover it! Oh- remember your primer if you worry your shadow won’t last all day!


Okay- open those eyes. I use Lancome’s Artliner, a cheaper alternative would be Essence liquid eyeliner (review for both here.) When I first wore my thick frames and used my Hypnose Doll lashes mascara, disaster struck! My eyelashes poked my glasses! I guess it should be great that I get long lashes, but it’s a nuisance! I opt for CoverGirl’s lashblast volume mascara instead. Volumnize those lashes, not lengthen. And because I wanted to open my eyes more, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in stray dog to underline my eyes. I got this liner in a set during Christmas from a friend of mine last year- and I do believe you can’t buy it alone. It’s pretty much a taupey-brown eyeliner.

Next- I put on my glasses and do my cheeks and lips!


I skipped the foundation and primer and highlighter- since I’m going for a casual look :)

I put on glasses so I know where to put my blush! Blush is used to define the cheekbones, and prevent the face from looking flat. For a simple look, I’m using a light pink colour with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface (review here.) For the lips, I use a sheer light pink colour- with NARS Lipstick in Roman Holiday (review here.) A cheaper alternative would be Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout.

And then the final look…


So I blame bad lighting, or a clearer picture would’ve been better! Also, tying your hair up in a half ponytail or full ponytail would show your face more!

Glasses peeps can dress up their face too! What do you think?

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  • jsleigh14

    Wow I couldn’t even recognize you!

    • wheetnee

      LOL that’s not good! But- you haven’t seen me in real life with my glasses yet haha 😛

  • My Lucite Dreams

    I’m sorry you don’t like your glasses :-( I think they look really freakin’ great! I always wanted glasses.. Geek chic is hot. Oh and now I need Roman Holiday!! Looove it

    • wheetnee

      Thanks! No, you don’t want glasses! It’s an obstruction..waiting to be older so I can get laser eye surgery!
      Definitely get Roman Holiday! One of my favourite pink lipsticks!!