Macaron Adventures Part VIII: Ganache

I’m back! After a final exam, my friend and I headed to Ganache Patisserie for a mini victory celebration! I’ve only heard the name Ganache here and there, and thought it was a macaron place, but nope! Inside the store was one of the most beautiful assemble of mini cakes and desserts I have ever seen. Thank goodness this place is a five minute walk from the Yaletown skytrain station, because I will be coming back!

Cakes here

Each mini cake costs $5.95 + tax.

Cakes there

After much long deciding, I bought the Abricot- Pistache:

Abricot- Pistache

I ate half of it in store, and it was absolutely delicious!!!!!! I love the cheesecake, and the combination of it with the other flavours- this cake had like 5 different layers to it! The cheesecake was heaven in a bite! The apricot gelee part was fresh and juicy!

Cake; delayered

My friend ordered a strawberry guava cake and she claims it was THE BEST STRAWBERRY DESSERT she ever had. That’s saying something, because she absolutely loves strawberries. There were also lychee bits. I’m tempted to get this next time!

Strawberry Guava

I also really like the packaging of the cake to go:


Did we get our macarons? Yes- a small box of 9 costs $8.95. The downside was that you didn’t get to choose specific flavours, and the macarons are prepackaged in a box. They were also fairly tiny, about the size of a quarter.

Tiny macarons in a box

Were they absolutely delicious despite not being able to choose our flavours? Yes! Every single macaron in the box was NOT a disappointment. Both my friend and I enjoyed all the macarons. They were also very easy to split!

The flavours in the box are lemon, coconut, coffee, raspberry, and pistachio. Each macaron was true to their flavour. It was chewy and I didn’t just taste sugar + cream. I tasted coffee cream, I tasted lemon cream, I tasted the most authentic pistachio cream I have had, I tasted legit coconut, and I tasted fresh raspberry cream!


Ganache made the way to the top of my favourite macarons! I’m already eager to go back..perhaps this week after work! Ganache is definitely worth a visit for some delicious cakes and desserts! Perhaps I’ll even get my birthday cake from here!

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  • jsleigh14

    I need to come here!

    • wheetnee

      You TOTALLY do!