Macaron Adventures Part VII: Soirette

I recently visited my 7th macaron joint in Vancouver, after I had some scrumptious gelato from Bella Gelateria. I guess I was on a rampant sweet tooth day…so unhealthy. This time, I went to Soirette Macarons and Tea- a small cafe located on West Pender. I heard many reviews about them, and for a store that dedicates selling macarons, I had to venture there! The location is  actually quite far compared to other locations people go to in downtown Vancouver, so it was a bit of a walk to get there. Thank goodness for iPhone google maps to guide my way!

Soirette entrance

The storefront was very cute, and something I would expect from a store that sells macarons and tea. Let’s see the macarons!


There were a lot of flavours that were unique. There was pink peppercorn, mango and black pepper, black olive, earl grey cassis, lavender, orange blossom…

Macaron mayhem

They had a sample of Mango and Black Pepper, which I tried, and loved! It wasn’t sweet, it was bursting with mango flavour and I love the heat from black pepper! It was a unique combination, and I liked it!

After much debating, I decided to get 4 macarons ( 1 macaroon = $2, Box of 6 macarons = $11.50,  Box of 12 macarons = $22). The size of the macarons were fairly small, so they are quite pricey! I chose Rose, Earl Grey Chassis, Matcha, and Passionfruit.

My picks

I loved the Rose and Earl Grey Cassis. I don’t know why I’ve been into floral flavoured stuff (the Rose and Raspberry Macaron from Bel Cafe must have stimulated this new taste bud) but I loved the taste of the rose ganache! It was creamy, yes it was sweet, but rose-sweet, and buttery, and it was a good chew. I normally do not like chocolate in a macaron, but the Earl Grey cassis had a dark chocolate ganache and it was lovely with the earl grey flavour. There was definitely an evident aroma of earl grey tea, and I believe Soirette infuses their earl grey tea with this macaron.

The matcha macaron was okay, it wasn’t as strong as I like it; there was only a hint of matcha. I thought I would get a full blast of Japanese flavour, but it didn’t happen. I was not a fan of the passionfruit – it was a tarte chocolate flavour that I wasn’t too fond of. I wish I got another flavour. :(

Anyhow, I like the vast flavours Soirette offers, and I would come back to sample the other flavours! I have my eye on the lavender macaron!

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  • Shobna Kannusamy

    Hello there,

    Thank you for your review, and we are glad you came in for a visit. We would just like to clarify that our box of 6 is $11.50 and our box of 12 is $22.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    ~Soirette Team~

    • wheetnee

      Thanks for the edit! My math was totally messed up! I will definitely be back soon!

  • jsleigh14

    I need to go there again! so far though…

  • storybookapothecary

    Omg delicious

  • CokaRabbit

    OMG!!! all of them just look incredibly yummy!!!!! I wanna try the rose one too!:D