Get Bouncin’ Naturally with Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush

For a natural, sheer flush of colour without the sparkles, I like to use Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush I got from Shoppers Drug Mart during a sale (a loooong time ago) for $3.99. I wanted a non-powder blush for a more natural effect so I thought I’d give this a try since the price was fairly decent. I picked up the colour Hot Tamale. 

Hot Tamale

It seems like a bright, pigmented colour- but it’s not. It’s sheer. To get good buildup of colour, I find that I need 4-5 swipes! However, too much colour on me did not match my complexion well and made me look drunk. For a natural colour to accentuate cheeks, I use 2-3 swipes. I use my fingers to blend- and it is a bit of a difficulty to spread the colour out, and it works better with warm hands. This product didn’t last as long on me as I thought though; 4-5 hours max.

The blush is sort of bouncey when you push on it, but it doesn’t really bounce back. It has a moussey, very thick creamy texture. There is a bit plastic-y smell when I put the blush close to my nose, but on the skin, I can’t smell it. I can certainly see my fingerprint when I press hard on it.


The product seems a bit hygienic, since it requires me dipping my fingers into it several times- be sure to wash hands thoroughly before using! Maybelline recommends for best results:

With your fingertips, blend a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks, applying from your cheekbones to your temples. To build color intensity, apply more blush.


Have you tried this before? What’s your to-go cream/non-powder blush?

  • Angel

    I love the color on you! I have this in I think Peach Satin… and I am not the biggest fan because the pigmentation isn’t that great ><

    • wheetnee

      Thanks! I agree~ you need to get a lot of product on the fingers to get buildup colour, luckily this one was a bright colour so I didn’t need extreme buildup!

      • Angel

        Yeah! I should’ve went for a more intense colour.. oh well I have enough blushes for the next 10 years LOL!

        • wheetnee

          I think I have 5 years worth….do they expire?!

          • Angel

            I think all make up expires… but powder products are probably better… not that I follow any of those rules… oopsies!

  • phucyenphan

    oh I love how natural it looks! does it blend well though?? like does it take off your foundation makeup when u pat the blush in?

    • wheetnee

      Nope not really, I dab the blush on, which I find it easier than smudging it around my cheeks!

  • Jessica =)

    the YSL cream blush is really good!! :) and yes make up expires whitney lol even powders!! it harvests bacteria if you keep it for a long time ESPECIALLY cream products so cream blushes and lip sticks and eyeliners and MASCARASSSS!!

    • wheetnee

      omgg noo I have so many lipsticks now it’s not even funny
      yes,stupid mascaras and their dumb short lifetime, I threw a bunch away couple months ago; my heart broke for it.