World Class Gelato at Bella Gelateria

Vancouver is the home of many things, as well as the 2012 Winner of the Florence Gelato Festival. A Canadian winning a gelato award in Italy? Yup. Today’s weather was perfect for gelato, so my friend and I went to the well-known, award winning Bella Gelateria to grab some dessert. Bella Gelateria uses high quality ingredients in their hand crafted gelato.

What’s that? Oh, just a very long line up outside the shop before crossing the street.

The place isn’t very big, but their love for gelato  is! The long line up speaks for itself!

Sorry for posting a bunch of pictures of people and lineups. Normally restaurants like this aren’t as people crowded as this! There are screens at the side (top left of the picture above) displaying the gelato flavours. Some flavours are seasonal, and some are standard, and some flavours change everyday. There was a whole bunch to choose from, so thank goodness there was a long line up to buy me some time!

You can choose 1-3 flavours in a cup or cone(more expensive), and I bought the 2 flavour option in a cup for $5.98 + tax. A bit pricey, but absolutely worth it if you are looking for genuine gelato.

Hello, delicious

I chose the Hazelnut and Black Sesame gelato. I’ve been on a black sesame trend lately, no idea why, and the richness of the flavour blew my mind! I could taste the sesame seeds and the cream from the gelato all in one. It was a delicious bite. The hazelnut was equally amazing. I love hazelnut (I can eat Kinder bueno bars daily) and both flavours tasted rich and authentic. The cup lasted around five minutes in my hand.

My friend chose seasonal sorbetto (non-dairy) instead- lychee and mango.

Hello, delicious #2!

The mango was delicious, but the lychee was even better and delicious. (I got to try a scoop!) It was legit lychee. Not powder, flavoured stuff in bubble teas.

Bella Gelateria is located near Waterfront, perfect to stroll and eat there, or enjoy the scenery there with a cup of delicious dessert in your hand. They offer various traditional and unique flavours (lavender, earl grey, salted caramel, rose/noodles, matcha), and I think everyone will find something to enjoy!

I will definitely be back for some fruity sorbetto next time!

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  • CokaRabbit

    OMG! such a LONG line!!!! you are making me starting to plan my trip to Vancouver! LOL

    • wheetnee

      haha totally worth planning for!!!
      yeah it was a looong line, don’t think I waited so long for ice cream/gelato before 😛

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  • shirley

    Should’ve read this first before going to dine out at Bella Gelateria, dine out was a total ripoff…

    • wheetnee

      What was the dineout menu? I didn’t even know they had a dineout event there…is it non gelato stuff?

      • shirley

        Tried one of the four choices
        “Sumac Ridge White Wine Gewurtzaminer Sorbetto
        Single Plantation Chocolate gelato
        Salted Caramel gelato”

        It was super small (I think even smaller than regular stuff, like what you had in the photo) except it was served in a ceramic container on a black plate to make it look legit lol. The white wine one was pretty good, the rest are just normal

        • wheetnee

          It sounds tasty haha, next time go for their reg menu, 2 scoops for $6! Was the dineout menu $18?
          How do they even fit dine out reservations in there o_o it’s so small!

      • shirley

        It was $18 for three scoops… lol
        When I went it was pretty late at night, but apparently, two other groups of people were also having dine out menu… not sure if it was crowded during the day. But thanks for the photos, hazelnut and black sesame looks great! haha