Feelin’ Luxurious in Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

Hi blog readers! It’s been a while (almost a week of no blogging, this must be the longest break I had from blogging!)- I had a report for my engineering project and I managed to write 37 pages of stuff which took up my entire week. Additionally, I have a philosophy essay due by the end of tonight which I SHOULD be doing, but I really needed a break, so I’m back to my inner blogger goddess (whoah, that sounds like Anastasia Steele from 50 shades of grey.)¬† There’s so many things I wanted to review about and share some cool DIY stuff I made….so I’m glad today is the last day of summer classes!

I have a guilty pleasure of buying lip products at the moment, since I find that it’s really hard to do much with my eyes/face since I wear glasses 99.9% of the time.¬†London Drugs are having a sale on Revlon Lipsticks/ Lip butters/ Lip glosses¬† for $3.99 RIGHT NOW (Go there now, Canadian beauty lovers, go!!)

The deal was too good to pass up and I bought 4 Revlon things, since I had a London Drugs gift card, I had to splurge a bit :P. I actually splurged on many lip products (including Too Faced La Creme) …but I won’t post everything I bought here since I’ll feel more guilty reading it! My Revlon haul includes 2 Super Lustrous Lip Glosses in Nude Lustre and Pink Whisper, Colourburst Lipstick in Peach, and a Matte lipstick in Pink Pout.

I smile when I see these

So I actually don’t really wear lip glosses much, but I picked some neutral looking ones up, since it was $3.99! I only started wearing the Pink Whisper lip gloss.

Pink Whisper

(Omg- sorry for my horrible ugly nails. The past week I didn’t bother to groom myself or anything.) I love the sleek packaging with the gold band around the lid.


The swatch shows a very natural pink colour. It’s not super pigmented, which I like. When I first swiped this on my lips, I did freak out because it looked very frosty and too pale for my skin tone. Thirty seconds later, I checked the mirror again and I saw that the lipgloss settled into my lips and gave it a natural glow. I had some flaky skin on my lips, and the lipgloss sealed it up. The formula feels moisturizing and not sticky!

I found that one swipes does it for me, too much gloss definitely made my lips look too pale for my face and made my lips sticky.

Le me; Only wearing lipgloss.
Excuse horrendous eyecircles

This is great everyday colour. I would put this over other lip colours to bring some more shine! For $3.99, this lipgloss was definitely a steal! Head over to London Drugs (if you have on in your area) and pick some lip products up before Aug 1!

  • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

    ARGHHHH I want to go SO BAD! I saw that on my London Drugs has this sale and I wanted to rush out the door.. then I remembered I’m on Project Pan. DANG!

    The lipgloss looks really nice on you! Good choice! I feel like it’d look too pale for me though :( Can’t wait to see the swatches for the other products! :)

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      But it’s $3.99!!!! It’s like..one less starbucks or meal! ;)
      Okay, you shouldn’t let me persuade you into anything. You should avoid all flyers. But $3.99!
      I have actually so many lip stuff right now, it’s not even funny. At least I don’t buy eye stuff (for the moment…)

      • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

        Haha… well I’m on project pan… so I can’t buy anything no matter how cheap they are! Plus I have almost 40 lipsticks…. so I REALLLLY should NOT buy anything even if they are $1 lol! omg I don’t know how I ended up with so many lipsticks…

        Haha do you obsess with different make up during different phases? I go through times where I go crazy about lipsticks.. then lipgloss… then blushes… etc. I guess that’s how I ended up with all these make up… SIGH!

        • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

          I think I’m almost at the 40 mark…. D: I swear blogging has trecked me into the lipstick path!
          Hmm…..I did have a phase in buying highlighters and under eye brighteners and what not..I have so many undereye stuff I don’t know what to use! D:
          I have to curb my mini phases. SIGH indeed.

          • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

            Blogging definitely was a huge excuse for me to buy stuff haha.. I’m just like… I’ll review this… and then I forget. Failwhale.

            I haven’t gotten into the highlighter phase yet.. it will probably be soon after I’m done this shopping ban and when I’m out of my touche eclat haha!

          • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

            Lol and when I read reviews of people’s products..I wanna try whatever they have too! Bad influence!
            Don’t go into the highlighter phase ever!! Everything is expensive in that phase and all products look the same =_=” It’s dangerous for the wallet! i was addicted to highlighting those cheekbones and I was like…where did all my money go?

  • fancieland

    I just got a couple of these glosses and I really like the formula! They’re nice and silky!

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      Yeah! Which colours did you get?