Some Sweet Adventures at Chiffon Patisserie

I’m not the smartest employee/engineer at my campus summer job, but luckily, a fellow student who worked on the same project before I did became a saviour and helped me with the billion questions I had for work. And even better, I got to learn new things within the confines of a patisserie filled with desserts and good smelling aromas.

Located on Oak and West Broadway in Vancouver, is a little bakery called Chiffon Patisserie, offering baked goods, lunches (sandwiches, salads, paninis, soups,) breakfasts, and desserts.

Note: I didn’t get any pictures of the storefront or the inside of the store, as this was a work related activity, but I did snap pictures of the food, which is the most important!

We shared a giant hunk of an Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake for $3.95. Generally, I do not like chocolate desserts, nor do I like peanut butter with chocolate either, but this was amazing! The chocolate sponge on the bottom was sweet and bitter(in a good way for chocolate lovers!) and it was also moist. Cutting a slice from top on bottom, from cream to chocolate cake, I was actually shocked how good it was. The cream wasn’t overwhelming with too much of a nutty taste, and it just made me want to eat more.

The cake was also extremely rich, so I was glad this was a shared piece!

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

This was definitely a slice of an old fashioned chocolate cake that I might not have enjoyed somewhere else!

What could it be?

I also had my eye on the giant cinnamon bun they had, so I bought one to go. The cinnamon bun costs $2.50.

My favourites!

So I was going to bring this home, heat it up, and chow it down like a boss. But no, I got extremely hungry on my way home, and despite all resistance I tried to muster, I ate half of it. The cinnamon bun had a flaky texture, similar to a croissant. And despite that this bun sat in my bag for a good three hours on a 25 degrees Celsius day, it did not melt or get dry. The frosting on the top was more of a sugary glaze, and a lot of it flaked off when I bit into it. The inside was really delicious and they packed a lot of cinnamon in it. There were also raisins inside (not shown in picture) and  I was a bit thrown back, but it didn’t ruin the taste either.

Half of my cinnamon bun

When I heated the other half at home, the glaze didn’t melt like I hope it would- because I like the insides of my buns to be smothering with cream. Nevertheless, this was a great cinnamon bun to go (better than Tim Hortons for sure!) and it was a good $2.50 well spent.

West Broadway actually has many cafes and food stops that I would like to try. It was my first time admiring West Broadway, since I usually never pass by here nor do I walk along the streets a lot. Now I know and will definitely be back!

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