Mecca of food at Richmond Night Market

One of the many reasons why I love my city is the night market. Opened during the summer, thousands of people flock to the night market to nibble and gobble on some Asian cuisine. This year, two night markets are present – the Summer Night Market and the Richmond Night Market. The Richmond Night Market is actually the original market, but then they couldn’t renew its license, and the Summer Night Market took over for a while. This year, the Richmond Night Market is back and I’ve been there twice to enjoy some delicious food! It is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Richmond Night Market is located near River Rock Casino, so it is a very convenient location to bus/skytrain there. The downside- there is a $1.50 admission fee. The first time I went, admission was $1, and then the admission rose to $1.50, which is annoying because now I had to dig out my wallet and find three coins. Nevertheless, it is worth getting in, because the food there is ah-mazing.

Post Macaron Adventure Part VI, my friend and I trekked here for some yummy bites. We went at 7pm, when the market opened, and there was already hundreds of people.

7pm and already crowded!

First stop- some curry fishballs! They’re a classic sidewalk food! It was tasty, but I wish they fishballs were a bit hotter, and I wish they poured more sauce in our styrofoam holder.  $3.50/7 pieces

Fish balls from this stall
Choose what you want :D
Curry fishballs

Next, we had takoyaki (octopus balls)! I love takoyaki, and my friend had never tried this stuff before, so I had to get some to share her the wonder of octopus balls. These were extremely hot and my mouth was watering when i took a huge bite. They were so delicious! $5/6 pieces

Came here for some takoyaki

These takoyaki balls were huge, and I had to use the skewer to slice them in gooey halves before putting them in my mouth. Delicious!!


My friend wanted squid, and squid is what we got!

Squid vendor

A bowl of squid costs $6. Lots of grilled, delicious squid tentacles! I was already full from salt and fat, but I managed to fill myself up some more with squid! We chose the non spicy option; it was chewy, and the sauce was tasty!


By the time I finished, I felt like I ate a whole family of squid/water creatures. Thank you to the sea for providing us with such delicacy (except for shark finning, I absolutely despise shark finning!!)

I was completely stuffed, so I didn’t have my room to get my matcha bubble waffles (until next time!) We were extremely thirsty, and I knew what I wanted to quench my thirst and yet still get a Asian-ized drink. A “Mango tapioca icy.” $5/cup

Icy Bar

I love Asian desserts like this. Bowls of mango, tapioca, sago, mochi, ice cream, strawberry, glutinous rice…the combinations are ENDLESS! The line up for this place was extremely long- so you know it gotta be good! I got the Mango Tapioca Icy, and I will be getting another one when I return to the Night Market- because I was so full I didn’t finish the whole cup!

Mango tapioca icy

This is a combination of tapioca, ice slush, mango pieces, and evaporated milk. This was absolutely refreshing and delicious- the mango was very fresh and juicy. I love tapioca and they are always tasty when paired with evaporated milk. This is one of the best desserts!

It was a very, very huge cup

I’m getting hungry again just looking at this. I know you are too. *salivating*

By the way- the Night Market isn’t just all food- there are other stalls selling imported jewellery, coloured contacts, bags, groceries, posters, stationary, clothes, hello kitty glasses frames, and many iPhone cases! There was also a fountain and a glass aquarium of lethal looking- Finding Nemo jellyfish! The Richmond Night Market involves lots of walking, talking, and eating. They also have these fake cherry blossom trees where they hang pink lights on trees.

Enjoying the Night Market

These are all the food stalls I visited on a sunny Saturday! No, the night market isn’t a 5 star place serving grandeur. It’s a big fun gathering for those food lovers, because everyone will find something they love to eat, it’s impossible not to. Be sure to load yourself with cash (there’s an ATM there, but service fee is $2.75.) The more you buy, the more you realize how fast your wallet is getting lighter, since the cost of a dish isn’t exactly inexpensive. But I guarantee delicious food and delicious fun!

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  • storybookapothecary

    omg looks so delicious! wish we had something like this here in California! x

    • wheetnee

      awww nooo ;( you should visit vancouver!

      • storybookapothecary

        I totally want to! x

    • wheetnee

      awww nooo ;( you should visit vancouver!
      and at least you guys have awesome themeparks!

      • storybookapothecary

        I’d love to visit!! x yeah our theme parks are awesome lol. you should visit them! Especially Disneyland, Raging Waters and Six Flags are major ones to see.

        • wheetnee

          I’ve only been to Disneyland! Never been to six flags!!

          • storybookapothecary

            six flags is not for the faint at heart, but its a blast! x and disneyland is always my favorite! I have an annual pass lol x