Cinnamon Bun Fun at Cobs Bread

As the journey of finding awesome cinnamon buns continue, I bought a six pack of mini cinnamon bus for $6.75.

Gooey goodness

I ate two for breakfast- one glazed and one not glazed! This is the glazed one:

Glazed Goodness

I microwaved it for around 20 seconds so the frosting would melt and seep between the cracks of the cinnamon bun. The most outer layer of the bun was a bit dry and tough to chew, but the inside was soft and chewy. Because it’s all about the frosting to me, I wish there frosting lining the bun on the inside, rather than melting the glaze.

Once microwaved, it was delicious and I ate it by peeling/stripping the cinnamon bun.

Next was the unglazed cinnamon bun.


This one was a bit softer than the glazed bun. Naturally, this one is less sweet, but it was a tasty morsel nonetheless. (I still prefer glazed cinnamon buns!) It still had a good cinnamon flavour to it while I was unraveling the bun.

Inside the unglazed

I wouldn’t say this is the best cinnamon buns ever, since I still love Cinnzeo at Metrotown.
However, Cobs Bread mini cinnamon buns are

  • More affordable
  • Their locations in Richmond = convenience
  • Baked fresh daily (although mine sat overnight)

And this concludes my journey of the cinnamon buns. More to come!

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  • Cindy Hancock

    I love these! they are sooooo good from COBS

    • wheetnee

      I know!!!!!!!!!!! Cobs never disappoint 😀