The Rants, The Thirst Quenchers, and The Amazing Spiderman

Hi all! This is just a post to catch up on the crazy (I made crazy into a noun)  in my life, rather than me showing you random things and reviews! It’s always fun to share me times via blog!

The Rants: 

So I have been working at UBC as a workstudy student, and it seems that UBC payroll are having a kick at not paying me on time. I have sent my timesheets to my supervisor, and he has sent them to UBC payroll (the department that manages paying poor students like me) and they currently owe me 80 hours of pay right now! I’m in angry-rage-sue mode! Seriously, I pay my >$5k engineering tuition (ON TIME), buy the occasional, inflated textbook at the bookstore, and suffer from continuous tuition increase costs and extra walking around construction sites (which increases safety hazards) and UBC cannot simply pay me on time!

Not to mention..student loans never come on time either.

What’s with big corporations (or schools, but UBC is almost like a business, isn’t it?)  refusing to give money on time, but demand hundreds of thousands of other citizens to bow down beneath them and shower them with our hard earned money.

Translink, translink- it’s a love hate relationship; but mostly hate. Went to wait for a bus yesterday (aka Sunday) and it was CANCELLED. On sundays, my bus (401) comes every half an hour, so Translink was sending me an invisible message saying ” I LIKE TO RUIN YOUR LIFE BY MAKING YOU WAIT ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR FOR THE BUS.” I had a mini tweet war with translink. Apparently the bus had mechanical issues- but I swear I’ve had this excuse for the past 10 buses.

Seriously – increase your service. No wonder the city refused to let you guys increase your fares- your quality does not match the price of it. Instead of wasting money on RCMP-ers to check the ticket of EVERY, SINGLE, PERSON who gets on the bus- get some new bus drivers.

/end rant/

The Thirst Quenchers

So, when summer time rolls around, companies play battle of the cheapest drink.

Mcdonalds - $1 ANY SIZE soft drink or iced coffee. Gawd, I love these.

Tim Hortons - $1 SMALL Frozen lemonade that tastes good, a but a bit artificial.  They say it contains real lemon, but I highly doubt that. Maybe 1% lemon juice. Why do I doubt that? The “real fruit” smoothies is supposed to be 2 servings of fruit…but looking at the nutrition info, a 10 oz smoothie (without yogurt) only has 4% vitamin C, 0% iron, 0% vitamin A, and 130 calories that I assume comes from sugar. Definitely does not replace any fruit.

Waves: Waves are having a promotion for a limited time- Buy 1 Rooibos Shaken Iced tea and get another one at equal or lesser value for free! I had a Mango Rooibos Shaken Iced Tea the other day, and it was absolutely delicious and refreshing! You can choose different flavour shots. My friend and I got two for $3.86! This saved my life when I was walking home from Steveston – a 50 minute walk!

Mango Rooibos Shaken Iced tea

Blenz- Just got word that Blenz is selling a regular sized Hibiscus Burst Iced Tea for $1.99! Definitely will be getting myself one of these soon!

The Amazing Spiderman 

I’m not one of the fangirls who fangirled over Andrew Garfield after watching The Amazing Spiderman. No, I was a fangirl when I watched Andrew Garfield in an episode of Doctor Who ages ago, and when the Social Network came out two years ago, and very few people agreed with me.

So I watched The Amazing Spiderman yesterday, and I was amazed. This is a summer of action hero movies and Spiderman made the cut. Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spiderman) did an excellent job! I can’t quite remember the previous Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire, since I haven’t watched it in a while, but both movies had different approaches and different story lines – it’s like comparing two different fruit.  Andrew Garfield’s chemistry with Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) was sparkling during the movie- no wonder they hit it off with an off-screen relationship!

In The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker is a bit wittier, a bit funnier in this version- so I had quite  a few laughs out of this. Plus, Andrew Garfield is incredibly adorable, and he gives a quite a few of those big, dorky, I-know-I-did-something wrong smiles. He also looks incredibly good in glasses.

image from

Andrew Garfield does a spot-on job for his role as a geeky, bullied, high school kid. He’s 28, but he passes as an awkward 17 year old easily (not sure about his age in the movie, just assuming!) His crying scenes were well done- and I love his shyness when he was trying to ask Gwen Stacy out.


If you watch him in interviews (or seen that episode of Doctor Who) he is an American-British actor, so he has a bit of an accent! British accents are always a +10000!

Flawless couple

The animations were pretty good in the movie, and the motions of Spiderman was fluid. There some scenes I was freaking out because I  was worried the worst was going to happen, so it’s good to know that the movie keeps you on the toes for a bit! The soundtrack was okay, it could’ve been a bit more epic, but it was stunning in some really great scenes in the movie (like the construction workers- if you have seen the movie.)

And everytime I see Rhys Ifans aka Dr. Connors/The Lizard was on screen, my mind kept shifting to good ol’  Xenophilius Lovegood. I wished his lizard face looked less human.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet- go see it right now!! And remember to stay for a bit when the credits are rolling for an additional scene!!

Prepare to fall for the gravity of Andrew Garfield. 

Thanks for reading all of that random stuff if you did! All posts will resume to normal :)

  • budziak

    Oooh, he is good looking but so is she, I almost didn’t recognize Emma Stone in that photo you posted! Seems like Spiderman with Tobey Maguire has been on tv all week where I am. As for your school stuff, it seems like all schools are having the same problems (or maybe its because I live in CA so all school related things suck). But keep being adimant about it, they have to pay you eventually or suffer the consequences of potentially being sued, who knows, they may have to even pay some sort of back pay for such a delayed payment period. And about the books, have you ever tried renting textbooks? Its sooo much cheaper and way less hassle :-) Try or

    • wheetnee

      Oh, he is very good looking :D You must watch it! They’re probably playing the old spiderman reruns, because I’ve seen them on my TV!

      I sended a snarky email to the department and they actually started looking into the issue. Sometimes a bit of anger and frustration and sarcasm is needed to get people on their toes!

      OOOh i never tried renting textbooks online! I have bought them online but never rented online! Thanks for the names :D Will come in most handy!

  • storybookapothecary

    good to know you enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman! I haven’t seen it yet, but def. in my future! x btw , nominated you for some awards! >

    • wheetnee

      Ahh thanks for the award :D I need to find some time to sit down and do my giant posts on those ^^
      You should DEF see spiderman! it was amazing as it is.

      • storybookapothecary

        Np, it’s well deserved! Yeah I know what you mean. It’s easy to get backed up on posts I want to do! I will definitely go see it once I have a chance. Recently saw Brave; it was SO good! I cried a bit lol I think it’s very easy to relate to for girls and women alike especially, but also just anyone who deals with parental expectations. Plus, the short before the film was really good as well! x

        • wheetnee

          I want to see Brave!! Everyone says it was good! I have to find some time for it :D

          • storybookapothecary

            It’s really good! Def. do and post on it! I’d love to read what you think! x