Post Shopping Meal @ Kamei Royale

My shopping friend and I made a pit stop here for some substance to fuel our downtown shopping expenditure. She lead me to this Japanese restaurant called Kamei Royale in downtown on West Georgia. Although we came around 7pm, there were seats for us two. Hooray for no line up!

Little sushi display outside

When we were seated, the waitress asked if we would like something to drink. This striked me as odd, as I thought that Japanese restaurants means green tea for everyone! So I said “green tea?” and it costs $1.50! I ordered it anyway, but seriously, who charges green tea in a restaurant like this? Luckily, they refilled it several times so I drank 4 cups of it. Thank goodness it wasn’t actually $1.50/cup.

The menu was quite extensive. Since I wasn’t very hungry, I ordered a Tiger Mayo.

Tiger May ($11.80)

The prawns were coated with almonds. At first, it tasted pretty good, but by the 4th prawn, I wish they left out the almonds. It took away from the taste of the actual prawn so I dipped lots of the mayonnaise to reduce the almond taste. Thankfully, the cajun mayonnaise was tasty, although I wish it could be spicier since it had cajun in it.

My friend ordered the Mentaiko Yakiudon.

Mentaiko Yakiudon ($10.50)

This udon is panfried with Alaskan Cod Roe. I never really had udon without the soup, unless it was fried udon. She let me take a bit and it was flavourful! The udon was well coated with the sauce.

Lastly, we each had a Yakitori skewer ($2.50/skewer.)

Yakitori Skewer

This is grilled chicken glazed with BBQ sauce. I pretty much gobbled this because it was so tasty! The sauce was mouth-watering worthy! The chicken was hot and juicy. I wish I ordered a bunch of skewers instead of the Tiger Mayo. When we both tried this, our eyes popped out and we both were thrown away how delicious it was.

Overall, I paid almost $17 for my meal (after tax + tips), which was a bit overpriced in my opinion. The most disappointing bit was charging for green tea. If I’m paying for green tea, it must be some amazing green tea, not what I could buy at an Asian supermarket.

The other items on the menu looks tasty, especially their rolls. The quality of the food is decent, but I will just get hot water next time!

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