Comfort Food at Cinnabon + Denny’s

One of my absolute favourite pastries are cinnamon buns. I like them softy, gooey, chewy, and lathered with melted cream. When I was in Bellevue, Washington yesterday, I stopped by Cinnabon to get some treats!

My friend and I shared the “centre of the roll” – which is a cup full of the middle of the cinnamon treats. Outrageously, dangerously, delicious. I don’t care how much fat or calories is in the cup- it was way too good.

Centre of the Roll

My other friend joined in our gluttony and got a mini cinna-roll. I’ve had these before and they are equally delicious.

Mini cinnaroll

I think I have run out of words by now to describe how much I love Cinnabon. They’re moist, filled with frosting and cinnamon flavour, and simply one of the best comfort food to me.  This is on par with the only wonderful place I found in Vancouver for cinnamon buns – Cinnzeo. Everytime I go down to the states, I always grab one of these. Sometimes, I buy a pack of 9 to bring home- and they’re gone within three days!

Cinnabon (Bellevue Square) on Urbanspoon

On our way to Bellevue Square, we stopped by Dennys for some breakfast. I wasn’t  sure which Denny’s I was eating at in Washington, but here’s some snapshots of our breakfast we had! There was some special “American Tour” menu- and they had jaw-dropingly prices. This was a “Build your own chicken wraps” dish- you get two flour tortillas with either grilled chicken or fried breaded chicken and you can choose buffalo, BBQ, or chitpole sauce.

Chicken Wraps

Guess the price of this.


My friend and I each had a tortilla (grilled chicken with chitpole), and we were pretty full after this- and we each chipped in $2 + tax + tip. It was a wonderful feeling of paying little for such a heart warming meal.

The other dishes on our table were:

The Fit Slam– and that’s an egg white omlette!

The Fit Slam

The Grand Slam– oh, how my friend enjoyed her fluffy pancakes!

Grand Slam

It was a satisfying meal prior to a long road trip full of shopping and walking!

  • storybookapothecary

    looks so delicious. I havent had cinnamon rolls in ages… *runs to store* lol. love dennys! That’s my joint! It’s all about the ultimate skillet which I can never finish, but is aweomse bc it has spinach and tomatoes. yep!

    • wheetnee

      I love cinnamon rolls! I could eat them everyday if the good ones were near where I live!

      Denny’s is awesome! However there’s not many close by :(

      • storybookapothecary

        Haha they are quite good. Wow, yeah. They are EVERYWHERE in the USA. My friends and I always joke that no one goes to Dennys, we just end up there. Because its always open when everything else is closed so a lot of drunk club people will go there after they hit the clubs lol