REVIEW: CoverGirl exact eyelight in Vibrant Pearl eyeliner

One of the drugstore eyeliners I own is CoverGirl’s exact eyelight eye brightening liner in vibrant pearl. This eyeliner is meant to make brown eyes pop. I bought it for sale from Shoppers Drug Mart awhile ago, and the reason I don’t wear it often is because it smudges when my eyelids get oily.

The eyeliner is said to “help brighten your eyes all day with this eight hour formula” and it is “smudge-proof” and “water-resistant for hours.” Although this eyeliner is called “Vibrant Pearl” is NOT a pearl/highlighter color to put in your inner corner or anything. It is very creamy and glides on smoothly, although it is a bit too thick for my liking. An advantage of this eyeliner pencil part is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about sharpening.

Eyeliner closeups

It is not an extremely black color- more of a dark grey.


If the weather is warm, my eyelids get oily, and the eyeliner does not last for eight hours- it smudges and I get a raccoon effect. This eyeliner is better worn during less heated temperatures.

I really don’t see any difference in “brightening” compared to other eyeliners, and it just does what eyeliner is supposed to do-minus the smudging I get in 4 hours.

(Sorry my glasses is obscuring the picture a bit- next time I’ll wear my contacts, but I wear my glasses more since I feel more comfortable in them.)

Eyeliner: CoverGirl in Vibrant Pearl
Mascara: Benefit They’re Real
Under eye-liner: GOSH eyeshadow stick in “Love that Champagne”

Overall, I do not recommend wearing this if you have oily eyelids- or wearing it in during the summer. This product did not strike out to me as different, so I would not be repurchasing it again. One way to make the eyeliner to smudge less is use a primer over your eyelid, but I prefer eyeliners that work the way it is.


✔ Easy to glide on and line the lashline

✔ Creamy formula

✔ Retractable eyeliner- no need for sharpener

✔ Affordable ($8.99 ~ $10)


✘ Smudges easily on oily eyelids

✘ Doesn’t have “highlighting effect” – they should have given it another name


  • live shop travel

    Yea, im not personally a fan of CG cosmetics…the formulation doesn’t work for me

    • wheetnee

      Guess I’m not alone then :( I feel like I wasted my money on it ~sigh~ that’s why I use a primer so it lasts longer, but I don’t like the unnecessary step to keep the eyeliner on!

      • live shop travel

        I usually use concealer to help keep eye make up on, but you’re right, you shouldn’t have to do it if the product is promising it will stay 😀

        • wheetnee

          Concealer! Good idea- you can probably see my dark eye circles in the picture XD I will try that next time 😀

          • live shop travel

            No, your eyes are pretty :) and no dark circles!

          • wheetnee

            Aw thanks! Noo I have really bad undereye bags/circles -.-“

  • ShannonBearzatto

    Too bad this is a flop. I guess it makes me feel better about buying more expensive eyeliners. 😛

    • wheetnee

      I agree! I have expensive and inexpensive, and the expensive liners win everytime!

  • Angel

    Thanks for the review! I was contemplating about getting this the other day I was at LD… but now I’m glad I didn’t!

    Btw, how are GOSH’s eyeshadow sticks?

    • wheetnee

      Yeah don’t get it! I’m still stuck to my Lancôme liquid liner! The eyeshadow sticks are good! I wanted the pearly color but they were sold out so I’ve been using the gold and they’re really easy to use! Love using them as undereye highlighters!