Beat those Breakouts with Tea Tree Oil!

Although I am fairly content with my skin, sometimes I get those days with breakouts- I feel that slight uneasiness…noticing the growing redness…and I feel my face and there’s the tiniest hint of a zit and it’s screaming “If you don’t fix me I’m going to grow bigger!” To destroy that little bugger, I take out my Tea Tree Oil products I bought from Body Shop.

These two products- Tea Tree oil ($9) and Tea Tree Blemish Night Fade Lotion ($18) has not failed me yet.

[If you are worried about the price, the Body Shop often has the sale Buy 1 get 1 50% off, Buy 2 get 1 Free, Buy 3 get 2 free- I’ve also seen Buy 3 get 3 free during some promotional periods. Furthermore, if you have a Body Shop membership card, you get 10% off purchases!]

Tea Tree Oil Products

I actually don’t go to Body Shop for skincare products, since I think their main selling attraction is, well, body products. But these two items from the Tea Tree line is an absolute necessity for my breakout problems. (These products work on me, but I can’t guarantee it works for everyone, I’m just sharing my opinion! :))

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil

“A medicine cabinet must. A pre-blended oil which can be used in many different ways to help soothe blemished skin. Dab directly onto skin at first sign of a blemish.”- The Body Shop site

This bottle of 10mL contains 15% Tea Tree Oil. It is on the semi-expensive side, because you can get pure tea tree oil for $10-$12 and dilute it yourself, but..I didn’t for lazy reasons. Also, I may dilute it wrong or add too much or add too little water- I’ll just stick to simplicity.

However, when I put this on overnight on problem areas, it has killed them immediately and my skin would look completely normal the next day. I have been repurchasing this little bottle for years- often buying 2-3 at a time when Body Shop has their sales.

Warning: It has a tingly feeling + a weird smell. I, personally, am fine with the smell, but others may find it stinging as it has a strong herbal smell. If you add some oil on bigger zits/pimples, it can hurt a bit.

Tea Tree Blemish Night Fade Lotion:

Night Fade Lotion

From The Body Shop site-

In combination with the tea tree oil, I also use this lotion. I have been using the same lotion for more than a year now, since I only pump it out when I have problems, and do not use it nightly nor regularly. I’m not quite sure why it’s a night lotion, but I use it at night for my problem areas at night anyway.

I usually feel my zits growing at night time (thank goodness!) so this is my routine:

  1. Rinse face with cleanser
  2. Put toner on face
  3. Put moisturizer on parts of face,  avoiding the problem areas
  4. Using a Q-tip, put a tiny amount (less than pea sized) of the night fade lotion on the areas that I feel a growing zit.
  5. Using the other end of the Q-tip, soak it with tea tree oil (2 drops approximately) and dab it on top of the zit.
  6. Go to bed- wake up and my zit is gone!

For bigger zits/problem spots, it might take two days to eradicate it, but there is a definite decrease of size and redness! Technically this product is for blemished skin, but it works effectively for me in solely targeting breakouts. It is efficient with breakouts here and there, but I’m not sure of its effectiveness with bigger breakouts or acne.

Hope you enjoyed my fighting-breakout routine!

  • Sachiko

    I’ve tried the tea tree oil before. It is worth it and works well on those tiny zits but not if you’ve got really bad breakouts.

    • wheetnee

      Yes I agree! I don’t get big breakouts, but I use tea tree on a random zit I would be getting and they get zapped pretty well!

  • Sandy

    Your stream of beauty posts is fantastic. I went shopping today and bought almost all the products you talked about! PLEASE keep up the good work and seriously consider making a YouTube channel!

    • wheetnee

      Thanks for the constant support! :) Wow, I hope I didn’t influence you to spend too much ;D Let me know what’d you buy! I’ll be sure to deliver more posts in the future :) Hmm .. youtube channel I haven’t thought about that yet!

  • Angel

    I have never tried their Tea Tree Oil line! I only go to The Body Shop for body stuff haha! Glad to hear that it works for you!

    • wheetnee

      I go mainly for body stuff too, but I’ve been hooked on the tea tree oil for 8 years now I think!

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