LIFE THOUGHTS: Identifying me via Pottermore

So, for all those who are out of the magical wizarding network, J.K. Rowling had created an interactive site for fans to explore and live her books virtually- Pottermore.

Along the way, you can read more about the characters, such as Professor McGonagall and the Dursleys. You also get to collect stuff along the way, such as galleons and books, trading cards, and potion ingredients.

To some, this was a elevated level of Harry Potter experience for the fandoms. Especially nerds like me.

I was lucky enough to get beta access of Pottermore last summer. To get beta access, there would be a clue released at a certain hour of the day, once a day, for one week.  You have to find a “magical quill” which would lead to a question, and once you find the answer, you get access to the beta site.

The initial clues came at the worst times for me (and all those living in Canada, not UK) an d I tried to stay up till 4 am and missed it. I was frustrated so one day I pulled myself out of bed at 6 am, found the magical quill and  I was one of the million lucky users around the world to try Pottermore early. I was so excited.But I was only confirmed I would be let into the site early compared to the public, but I couldn’t actually explore the site yet.

Four weeks later I got an email saying I can finally enter the site.

With my beta account, I was most excited about two things: Getting my wand and getting sorted. I loved my wand; it was made of Alderwood, Phoenix Feather core, 11 inches, and slightly spring. Harry’s wand had phoenix feather! It’s the rarest core types!

Then came the sorting and everything went downhill. I was sorted into Hufflepuff and I was at a loss, because I don’t think I should belong in Hufflepuff! I definitely have a “evil” side to me that is not suited for Hufflepuffs! One of my friends kept convincing me I was a Hufflepuff, but I knew it couldn’t be right. After a couple weeks, I had ditched the site because I found it boring, and the wizard dueling wasn’t working.

Fast forward to April 2012.

Pottermore was finally open to all public (it should have been since last October. All my other friends who didn’t have beta accounts started making accounts and we all wanted to duel, so I decided that I would make another account to reconfirm my true status of which house I belonged to. If I was a Hufflepuff again, I’ll take it loud and proud.

So I made a new account…and I was sorted into…


And thus I came across several revelations why I am so suited to be a Gryffindor. I realized, when I took the quiz for the first time , I chose answers that the “good” side of me would want to be- I don’t want to spoil too much, but basically I picked answers how I rather be liked and how I want to make love potions and all that sugar and sweetness.  But that’s not actually me. It’s what I hoped I wanted to be, if that made sense. However, because I prefer other qualities, what I hope to be me is not what I hope yet.

When I was doing the test again, and I had some new questions in the quiz about the sorting, I also had some same questions the first time I got sorted. I realized I didn’t want to be liked, if I had a choice to be other things. I wanted to be envied. And I didn’t want to admit that to myself, but honestly, I do. I’m sick of being the Ron Weasley next to all the Harry Potters of the world. I’m exhausted being the Blair Waldorf next to Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl.

I wanted to make a potion for glory, not love or wisdom or power. I felt like I was getting more and more vain when I was thinking about my answers when doing the sorting quiz, but I had to admit the worst of me. And after the whole quiz, I was a Gryffindor!

So I thought again, why would I be a Gryffindor? As much as I crave for the spark of attention like Harry Potter draws, I do not have the courage of Harry, don’t expect me to ride broomsticks 50 feet above the ground, fighting dragons, and saving the wizarding world. I don’t have the cleverness of Hermione either.

I thought back when Harry first put on the Sorting Hat during the ceremony in The Philosopher’s Stone. The sorting hat said to Harry, “…not a bad mind either…there’s talent oh yes…and a thirst to prove yourself. And I do have that thirst, though I don’t like to tell people constantly I want something to drink. I like to think of myself as a Neville Longbottom. Not the Neville who keeps getting bullied by Dracao Malfoy, or being clobbered in every academic subject. I want to be Neville who makes a huge contribution, though no one would ever expect it, like when he destroyed one of the horcruxes. This is probably insane writing about this stuff, but since it’s my blog, I’m allowed a couple of personal posts.

I really think I learned more about myself after the sorting hat in Pottermore. Silly? Probably. But J.K. Rowling, has once again, manipulated my life by giving me this whole thought bubble thingy.This summer, I want to recreate, reinvent myself. Can I shine out like Neville Longbottom did, can I stop being the underdog, the sidekick, just for once? I want to bring out the real Gryffindor side of me. I didn’t get sorted into the house Harry Potter was in for nothing! Maybe this is the “dark” side of me, but everyone has one, right?

Thanks for reading if you did, this was a long post on blabber and nothing important.  If you’re a Harry Potter fan, get on Pottermore, and add me; Draconismist9427.

{Sorry if I bored you readers, I promise to post some food reviews, makeup reviews, and other fun stuff this week! Stay tuned!)

  • Jeyna Grace

    Nice username.

    Im a beta tester too, and oddly enough, i didnt have to stay up late. On two occasions, I just randomly logged into pottermore and found out that magical quill was happening. I must be lucky. Haha.

    Personally, i wouldnt mind being sorted into hufflepuff, i prefer hufflepuff over ravenclaw and gryffindor. But of course, I naturally belonged in Slytherin and i was sorted into it as expected.

    But when i made a new acc, i was sorted into ravenclaw.. which was funny, cause, im not the geek type. Or maybe i am. I dont know. Im not those straight A’s kind of a person, so yea.

    I think after the official beta period, the sorting hat has been rigged to even out the number of students between houses. The numbers used to be lopped sided, and now it is almost even out. Thats why i think its rigged. I could be wrong.

    • wheetnee

      Really?! Rigged?! I hope J.K. Rowling would never do that though, I trust her to place us according to the quiz.

      I thought I would be a slytherin too….but nope! You don’t have to be a straight A-er to be in Ravenclaw, I think! People can be clever, but not extremo book smart.

  • Matthew

    wow getting up at 6 for pottermore hahaha hardcore!

    • wheetnee

      Anything related to HP = hardcore 😀

  • Curtis

    OHHHHH!!!! My friends were talking about this! I wanna play now:P

    • wheetnee

      Yes it’s awesome, go sign up!!!!! Although I got bored after finishing Philosopher’s stone, so I abandoned it for now…until the second book comes out!