Japanese Tapas, Sushi and more at Ebisu

The other night, my friend held her birthday dinner at Ebisu on Robson in downtown Vancouver. There are two other locations located in the Lower Mainlad – Broadway and Richmond. The variety of food and their presentation was amazing, and they all had funky names attached to them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling very well, so I didn’t have a chance to try more variations on their menu.I would like to share a few of their dishes and some pictures I took!

Because the restaurant’s interior was very dark, it was hard to get some decent pictures when the sun had set around 9:00pm!

This is the Tiger Mayo my friend ordered (and generously shared with me). The shrimp was big and juicy,  and the mayo was delicious!

Tiger Mayo
Close up

Due to my post H Pylori diet, I tried to order something healthy. I opted with the Original Garden Salad that came with house ginger dressing, but I deeply regret it. The veggies itself tasted boring, and I didn’t find the dressing tasty nor original.

Original Garden Salad

So, I also ordered a Takoyaki- they were deliciously fried, chewy, moist, and the mayo is really flavour-ful! Ebisu must be good at whipping their mayos. Six takoyaki balls were presented in a takoyaki plate (there were specific craters in the plate to put the takoyaki in.)


We also had an “ice bath”- a giant (and I mean giant..) bowl of fresh seafood on ice. It was so cold- do you see the liquid nitrogen leaking out?

Ice Bath

Other people ordered a variety of dishes- this is the saba inferno. A waitress came and seared the top of the saba with fire. It was a pretty cool sight!

Saba Inferno Demo
Saba Inferno- post fire

What’s a party without shots shots shots? Some shots were 4 for $18! I only snapped 2 pictures out of the 30 I could’ve taken.

Fuzzy Peach

Everything (apart from the salad) was tasty, fresh, and the presentation of the food was wonderful. Sorry I couldn’t share more of my experience with you readers, I wish my appetite was better! There were other things on the dinner menu I really wanted to try, so I think I will definitely go back when I’m not sick!

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  • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

    The “ice bath” looks SO GOOD!! Ahh I’m really hungry now…

    Aww you’re sick? :( I hope you get better soon!!

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      Too bad I don’t like eating oysters/raw seafood cause the ice bath looked amazing when it arrived at the table!

      Yeah :( Thanks!! :)

      • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

        Aww you don’t like raw seafood? Not even sushi/sashimi? I personally can’t deal with raw oysters… I love raw seafood but there’s something about oysters that just irks me!

        • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

          No =( I don’t like raw fish or anything- I blame my mom because she didn’t let me eat them when I was young, so when I grew up I was never fond of it. However, if it’s well covered with sauce and there’s not much I’ll eat it but it wouldn’t be something I would order.I had raw salmon before and that’s it :P

          • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

            Haha! Sounds like spicy salmon roll would be right up your alley.. have you ever tried them before?

          • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

            Yes I have! And I had some salmon covered with wasabi mayo dressing which was pretty good, but I only had it because it was a set menu….and that’s the extent of my raw fish journey :P

          • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

            Haha spicy salmon roll is my personal favourite! I usually stick to a few kinds of raw fish, since there are a bunch that I don’t like (ahem mackerel, oyster and sea urchin)! It definitely takes time to get used to, but hey, we all have different palates!

          • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

            Spicy salmon roll is good, since the spiciness masks the thought of eating raw fish. Omg I never had any of those other raw stuff..that’s why I’m such a bore when it comes to sushi, I just eat the cooked rolls!

          • http://angelandthings.wordpress.com Angel

            Well… raw fish is a very subjective matter lol! I never understood why people know like raw fish (because imo I think they’re AMAZING), until I tried oysters… then I know how it’s a really personal thing… haha! Just eat whatever you enjoy :p it’s not like raw fish is super-fanstastically-good for your health anyways…

          • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

            I think I’m a bit paranoid about raw seafood like I’ll get a stomach ache after or something, so I just stick to my rolls :P Never had a sashimi….

  • http://storybookapothecary.wordpress.com storybookapothecary

    looks delicious!

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      It was a delicious meal! (Except for the salad.)

      • http://storybookapothecary.wordpress.com storybookapothecary

        bummer about the salad it looks good! haha.