Nail Color of the Day: Essie- She’s Picture Perfect

Today I painted my nails with Essie’s “She’s Picture Perfect” which I received in my April luxebox. It’s a beautiful lilac color, with a pink sheen to it which can be seen when the nail is reflected in certain angles.

I’ve tried to put my hand under multiple lighting/color backgrounds but the picture makes me nails look more blue :( But trust me, it’s a beautiful color!

She’s Picture Perfect

Can you see the shine?

Me + She’s Picture Perfect

2 coats gave me the gloss I wanted to achieve. I was very impressed with the sheen, the glide of the color, and how fast it dried.

  • budziak

    I love love love She’s Picture Perfect! Essie’s formula is really nice, all of their polishes are like that although some are more sheer. I hope you like this shade as much as I do!

    • wheetnee

      I love it already the moment I put the first coat on :D Love lilac + sheen. I only have two essie colors…tempted to start building my collection now!

  • Angel

    I love the colour!! And essie polishes are great!! I need to stop expanding my collection haha…

  • Jenny

    ahhh i want this colour!!