Afternoon Break @ Liberty Bakery

My friend and I were shopping around the little boutiques on Main Street in Vancouver and we stopped by this little bakery, called Liberty Bakery. On the outside, it looked plain and simple; on the inside- it looks very homey.

Liberty Cafe – Exterior and Interior

They had trays and trays of small cakes and desserts, as well as paninis and cookies.

Cakes and Squares
Paninis and Cookies

A lot of overwhelming choices! On the counter, they had a sample of lemon cake, which was absolutely fresh-tasting and delicious. They also had cinnamon custard cake for $2/slice- which is what I got.

Cinnamon Custard Cake

It was a gigantic piece, and definitely worth the money. The custard was soft and creamy and it wasn’t too sweet. The cinnamon and almond flakes went very well together. It smelt great and taste even better.

My friend had a lemon tart- she enjoyed it as it wasn’t too sweet either. The tarts and cakes were $3 apiece.

Lemon tart

The customer service was great. The lady who rang up our order and served our desserts was so sweet and nice, even though we ordered things that were not very expensive.


✔ Very fresh, authentic tasting desserts

✔ Cute, vintage, home-y decor

✔ Kind customer service

✔ Reasonable Prices


✘ Being on main street- the location is kind of far

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  • Angel

    Omg that looks so delicious!! I just want to live in that place and try all of the desserts!

    • wheetnee

      I know! It’s such a cozy place that I can just eat all day!

  • CokaRabbit

    the Lemon tart looks really really really good! I wish I could live around this little bakery too!

    • wheetnee

      Aww, do you live close to any bakeries? There’s TONS of cafes in vancouver, it’s kind of overwhelming.