Nail Color of the Day:Essie’s Mint Candy Apple

I finally got a hold of this color by Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Mint-green colored has been one of my summer colors this year, and I read great reviews of this nail color and I’m so happy I got it today!

Mint Candy Apple

I admit, I sort of bought this color not only for the mint-greeness of it, but the word “apple” was in it…and I pretty much buy anything has to do with apples, the fruit, not the tech; although I do have an iPhone.

Me wearing Essie!

*I accidentally painted my skin too, but I can wash it off XD

The color is great and I already feel the quality of Essie nail polishes. It dried very quickly as well. I can’t wait to pair my nail color with my mint green denim!

  • jsleigh14

    You can match it with your mint pants!

  • Vanity Rush

    I have this color- and absolutely love it!

    • wheetnee

      Me too! One of my favourites so far!

  • Angel

    I love this color! I also love their Turqouise & Caicos, it’s also a mint green color but slightly different than Mint Candy Apple.

    Essie polishes are probably my favourite! I definitely prefer it over OPI!

    • wheetnee

      Thanks! I’m in love with this color too!! Sadly, this is actually my only second Essie nail color at home T_T States have it so much cheaper….it’s so expensive here! $10/bottle D:

      • Angel

        Hmmm is there trade secrets near you? Sometimes they have buy 1 get 1 50% off deal on Essie polishes, and they retail for $8.95 each.

        Or even walmart? They go for $7.96 at Walmarts here so I imagine it would be similar in BC?

        I had maybe 2 or 3 Essie polishes last year… right now I might have nearly 20 of them LOL omg.

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  • pearlessence

    Love mint green! I’ve been looking for a polish this colour, haven’t found it yet :( And usually I try to save Essie polishes for when they have a deal 😉

    • wheetnee

      I rarely find any deals :( but I rarely buy essie either…my nail polish collections is actually pretty lame :(

      • pearlessence

        No worries, so is mine! Build it slowly, one polish at a time 😉

  • CokaRabbit

    OMG, I love this nail color!!! Added it to my shopping list!! going to get it this week for sure!!!!!

    • wheetnee

      Yes!! This is me new favourite summer color at the moment 😀 It’s bad how I’m liking Essie colors now…

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