Bellingham, Washington Part 2: Ivar’s Seafood Bar

During my trip to Bellis Fair in Bellingham, Washington; my cousin and I had a small lunch meal to share at Ivar’s Seafood Bar located in the foodcourt. She heard that the clam chowder was really good, and luckily there was a combo – $11.99 for a three piece fish and chips + drink + clam chowder. 

$11.99 Combo (drink not in picture)

The fried fish was tasty and fresh, not sure what kind of fish it was- I think cod or sole? The fried were deliciously potato-y with the right amount of salt. The tartar sauce that came with it was delicious as well. We each share 1.5 pieces of fish and it was enough to satisfy us (since we pigged out on cinnamon centres at Cinnabon after.)

The clam chowder was chock full of flavour and clams! Not like Tim Hortons or what UBC serves with 5 clams and a bunch of potatoes and other cheap condiments. The clam chowder was hot, creamy, and very clammy! Warms you up on a hot day!

Clam chowder

For all those living in Vancouver and driving down to Bellis Fair- be sure to give this a try! I realized that other malls- such as Richmond Centre, Pacific Centre,and Metrotown don’t have seafood bars in the food court! I wish they did! The only other delicious stand alone store I can think of is Pajo’s Fish n’ chips. We need more of these places!!

PS: USA’s fountain “coke” is Pepsi.  :(
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  • Angel

    I love fish and chips! And clam chowder!! Great pics! If you ever go to San Francisco, you NEED to try the clam chowder at Boudin! It’s the best I’ve ever had! :)

    • wheetnee

      Me too! Too bad I got a horrible scratchy throat the day after :(
      I will keep note of that when I go to San Fran! My mom was actually thinking of going there for a weekend in June/July :D

      • Angel

        Awww :( Lots of water!! Fish and chips aren’t the best for the throat haha… yet we still devour them because they are sooo delicious!

        Ohhhhh have fun in SF! Have you ever been there?