Brownie Indulgence @ Yaletown Brownies

Me and my friend went to Yaletown Brownies on Saturday after our exhausting final exam. It was a random, abrupt, spontaneous trip, and I was glad it was done!

*For anyone who is living in Vancouver and reading this, Yaletown Brownies is NOT in Yaletown. It’s on West Broadway (Kitsilano area.)

I never really had official brownies from a legit brownie store before. I usually go for the bag of two-bite brownies you see in superstores, or the giant brownie squares UBC sells for $2. And I haven’t had a brownie since last year. Hence, I was quite excited to try an official brownie cafe! When I first walked in, I noted the cleanliness and freshness of the place. There wasn’t anyone in when we came in, but after my friend and I sat down, there was quite a stream of customers. There is a counter, with two fridges of brownies, cakes, and on top are cookies jars filled with a variety of treats.

Inside the store

Of course, I was staring at the displays, unsure which brownie to get. There were 9 different flavours of brownies (including gluten free options).  The lady behind the counter offered us a sample of the chocolate glazed brownie. So heavenly.

However, what caught my eye first, was not the brownies, but the mini cheesecake. I love cheesecake, and I always want to try different ones from different places. After my cheesecake experience at Trees Organic Coffee, I wanted to see if there are other “best” Vancouver cheesecakes out there.

Mini Cheesecake

This is one of the cutest desserts alive, ever.

This costs $2.25. I was sucked in by aesthetics, for sure. It was a very small proportion, but it was enough for me. I didn’t want to stuff myself, so I liked the size of this cake. The crust was good, and the cheesecake was better. It was sweet and tasty. It was moist, and it melts into the taste buds. A pack full of flavour for a cake so small.

I also took a brownie to go, since it IS a brownie store. I couldn’t walk out of a place without trying their specialties. I chose the pecan chocolate brownie ($3.25.) Firstly, they use 100% Belgian chocolate for the brownies. +1 for that! I love Belgian chocolate.

Although I got my brownie to go, I ended up eating half of it in the restaurant, after I finished my cheesecake. And I took the other half at home, and my brother finished it when I was not looking :( At least I have another excuse to get another brownie now!For $3.25, it is NOT cheap for a brownie. However, it was an extremely nice indulgence because everything tasted so good. There was a glaze on top over the pecans. It was crunchy on the top, and chewy on the bottom.

Pecan Chocolate Brownie

DOES THAT NOT LOOK DELICIOUS? One annoying thing is that the glaze is so hardened, it’s hard to chip off a small piece without it cracking and making a mess. Looking at that picture makes me want to get another one right now.

My friend ordered a white chocolate chip brownie, heated up. It’s one of her favourites and she let me take a bite. I dislike white chocolate, but that brownie was delicious.

White Chocolate Brownie

I had to include full sized pictures of these desserts or I wouldn’t be doing them justice.

By the way, the brownies are in trays when you order them. Then the lady takes the cakes/brownies out of the trays and puts them on the plates and add the chocolate garnish on the plates. Talk about nice finishing touches! It’s these little things that makes me want to go back to cafes like these!

Also, ask for a stamp card when you purchase a brownie! Buy 9 brownies and your 10th one is free!

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  • jsleigh14

    Brownies are too sweet for me, but that mini cheesecake looks good! I love yaletown bakeries.

  • pearlessence

    Those… are so… ridiculously overpriced hahaha. I’ll make my own brownies ;) They look delicious though, I’d like to try that white chocolate brownie!

    • wheetnee

      So expensive:( YES i remember your brownie pictures and recipes. I want to make some too :(

      • pearlessence

        You should! Now that you’re done school :) You’re so lucky, I still have one more Friday 9 AM :( Then it’s packing and moving *siiiigh*