Nail Polish Colours Review: Essence + GOSH

Couple weeks ago, I picked up Essence’s $1.49 nail color called “Nude it!” from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Yes, it’s only $1.49.

Essence Nail Color: Nude it!

It’s quite a small bottle ( 5mL), but honestly it’s enough for me, because it takes me years to finish a bottle of color. I prefer wearing boring, light, nude/pink colors on my nails because I like subtlety. The quality of the nail polish is quite decent for its price. After an OPI top coat, it started chipping approximately 3-4 days after application. I like the payoff of the color, and two coats gave a nice shine to my nails. It also dried fairly quickly, which is always a bonus!

Wearing Essence nude it!

After wearing off my Essence color, I tried a brighter/louder color. I digged through my nail polish collection and found this purple color I bought last year that I never wore. This is GOSH’s Wild Lilac Nail Polish I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart as well.

Two coats of it and the color is beautiful. I’m still not sure if it matches my skintone, so I’ll wear it for a day and see how it looks outside in natural light.

It dried off very quickly, and it didn’t chip or get scarred while I was typing on my keyboard and I felt the keys scratch on my nails. So happy about that, and I’m not wearing a top coat either!  :D  I’m not too used to something so bold, but it’s summer and time to bring out the bright and fun colors!

One complaint: The brush is a bit too small. So I need to layer it evenly to cover my nails (especially my big thumbnail.)

Gosh Wild Lilac

I’m on  the hunt for new colors now; such as mint green colors, and some pastel purples/pinks…and coral!

What color do you think is best? Nude and natural, or bold and purple?

  • kofykat

    these look lovely. we used to get GOSH where i lived but suddenly can’t seem to find them anywhere. gotta search.

    • wheetnee

      thanks ^^
      oh no! gotta hunt for them! I think GOSH is one of the better drugstore brands around!

      • kofykat

        attempting to :-)

  • detestament

    I’ve got a huge nail polish problem. I tried my first Essence yesterday, too. Also,from Shopper’s. It’s called “Where’s the Party?” and is a cool purple to grey to green holo. Very surprised with its quality and price. If you like subtle nudes you should check out Essie’s wedding collection and OPI’s NYC Ballet collection — very soft pastels that are sheer and can be built to any opacity.

    • wheetnee

      Oooh, i love purples, I’ll have to check shoppers for that color! sounds pretty.

      Thanks for the tip :D Will check out essie/opi! I don’t have much Essie nail polish and the “wedding collection” sounds beautiful!!

  • maganda panda

    I like both & am always switching between loud and natural colors. I like the versatility of the neutral colors bc it goes with anything & everything, but sometimes its nice to switch it up :) I think a nice balance between colors and neutrals are the pastels for spring because it’s softer. The purple looks great on you btw :)

    • wheetnee

      Thank you :) I normally wear neutral colors because I’m worried different colors wouldn’t match anything. Hopefully I’ll find some new pastels for the summer :D

  • pearlessence

    I’m wearing a pastel green now :) I painted my nails 2 hours before my exam LOL I just couldn’t help myself!

    • wheetnee

      Glad I’m not the one who gets distracted by similar things during finals time XD are you done exams?

      • pearlessence

        Last one on Friday… 9 a.m… :( CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER I have no motivation hahaha. And it is way too cold here in Ontario for it to be the end of April, it’s ridiculous.

        • wheetnee

          SOOO late :( You’re almost there though!!
          It’s raining this whole week in April…as per usual T_T