Tea time Break @ Trees Organic Coffee

After being told that Trees Organic Coffee is famous for their cheesecakes in Vancouver, I went by the Richmond location couple weeks ago to get a cake to motivate my studying.

The main cafe is in Gastown, Vancouver. However, living in Richmond, I was lucky that a Trees Organic Coffee is located just right outside the entrance of the Richmond Public Library. Although their location in Vancouver is an actual shop, in Richmond, it is a cart. It is a fairly good location because people can purchase something to drink from them, then bring it to the library and enjoy sipping on something hot while reading or studying.

Trees Organic Coffee cart

I ordered a slice of New York Cheesecake ($5.75) and a small cup of hot apple cider ($2.30).


Their cheesecake was voted best in Vancouver, so I was extremely excited to pig out on it.It was refreshing, and it just melts in your mouth. It wasn’t overpowering cheesy or sweet, but I wish it was less “thick/creamy.” I like my cheesecakes with a bit of “air” in them.   It was a fairly big slice and I brought half of it home to munch on later. I did especially like the crust of the cake. But, for $5.75, it is not worth the price. I have tried better and I wouldn’t name it the best cheesecake I ever tried. Sorry :( I still like the souffle-styled cheesecakes better.

New York Cheesecake

I also had the apple cider. It was fairly tasty and it gave me that “cozy feel” , but I wish there was more cinnamon flavour to it.

Nonetheless, this little treat was a great study booster to accompany my miserable Philosophy readings.

Study time

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  • http://thewalkntalk.wordpress.com jsleigh14

    I like their sausage wraps!

  • http://mychocolethandbag.wordpress.com kofykat

    o, exams.. good luck with them. i’ on the grind now too but can’t eat any snacks co i’m trying to lose weight :-(

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      I finished them 😀 Good luck on your exams!!