MARC by Marc Jacobs Shoe Dream

One pair of shoes (well several of the same line) are the MARC by Marc Jacobs mouse ballerina flats.

Everyone has their own style of fashion, and my style tends to lean toward quirkiness , and these shoes caught my eye when I was at Brown’s a couple months ago. And I am still lusting after these. Are these not the cutest things ever?

Would you ever wear these?

I’m not usually the type to go for brand name stuff, but to me, these shoes are at the back of my mind everyday. I really like the black studded pair or the gold pair.

Sadly, they cost from $230-$250. I love unique, original flats like these, and I’m still wondering if I should….. :(

  • jsleigh14

    Sooooooooooo expensive!

  • Angel

    SOOOOO cute! I love Marc by Marc Jacobs!

    Hey if you really really like it, and you will wear it a lot, then why not? As long as you can justify it hahah :p

    • wheetnee

      I love their stuff too, but I don’t have anything from it (except my glasses.)

      I don’t think my mom would justify it…. :( I really want it T_T

      • Angel

        Haha I don’t have anything from them either.. but that will change this summer! I am planning on getting a wallet, but we will see. I really like it when I see it online, I have yet to see it in person.

        Sigh, maybe… ask for it as a birthday present? Or… birthday + christmas… Just keep adding up holidays until she says yes haha! :p

        • wheetnee

          LOL actually I asked my mom what did she think, she thought they were extremely cute….but overpriced. But she won’t spazz at me IF I buy them….so technically I have free reign now….and my paychecks are going to look fairly good next month D: What to do!!

          Marc jacobs wallets look heavenly too :’)

          • Angel

            Hahhaaa NICE! Well.. designer things are all overpriced… in my opinion. No purse is reallllly worth that much money, or shoes, or anything really. But if you like it and if it will make you happy, that’s what worth the money in my opinion!

            Haha maybe try them on, and walk around and see how comfortable they are and if YOU think it’s worth the money. Then go for it! From people around me… I’ve learnt that expensive flats don’t automatically mean they are comfortable. What I usually do with shoes these days.. I buy them, wear them around the house and see how I like them/ how they feel… and if I don’t think it’s worth it I just return it LOL!

            Let me know if you end up getting them! They are too adorable!

          • wheetnee

            I feel like I’m leaning towards getting them now omg >.<
            Last summer I wanted the Jeremy Scott addidas flats with angel wings, and by the time I decided I want them, there was no more in my size :( So I don't want to regret anymore haha. Technically, I don't own many flats…and worse come to worse I can stick an insole inside.

          • Angel

            Haha I feel like I’m such a bad influence :p

            Omg I hate it when I want something… and I convince myself I don’t want it/ I can’t justify it… and when I decide I want them… they’re gone. ARGH. So frustrating!

            Comfortable flats are such an essential, I find. I only have one pair of flats because I am more comfortable in heels than most flats (weird I know), but then wearing heels everything kills my feet/ankle! So if a pair of flats is comfortable.. I think it’s totally worth the splurge! :)

          • wheetnee

            Yeah, I don’t want to kick myself for missing the chance to get shoes I am desperately lusting after …… ahhhhh

            Wearing heels is like a work out for me LOL. I think I only have one pair of heels haha, I want to find a good pair this summer..hunting for nude heels actually..any suggestions?

          • Angel

            Hmmm I have a pair of Madden Girl gladiator heels and it’s super comfortable. I shop around in that LOL. I don’t think Madden Girl has any nude heels… but maybe try Steve Madden? They’re from the same designer I believe, and Steve Madden definitely carries nude pumps. I find Aldo heels to be pretty okay actually.

            How high are you thinking of? Most of my heels are like… 5 inches XD I have some that’s 3 but that’s the shortest haha.

            I saw this one video on youtube about how to walk in heels and how to choose heels, maybe it’ll help?

            (on a random note, I LOVE her shoes omg.)

          • wheetnee

            I bought a pair of Maddens girl @ Steve Maddens when I was in Vegas in December! They’re a nude-ish color with black lace over it, but they’re so high my legs hurt after an hour >_<
            Here's a pic :

            I'm thinking of 3" for pure nude heels,, I should've check Aldo when it was end of winter for some good sales :( Now everything is regular priced again T_T

            Whoah! Thanks for the vid, I def need something like that. I walk like a horse in heels. :(

          • Angel

            Ohhh I guess it really depends on the heels then, instead of designers.. Dang. And I thought I found the magic brand of heels LOL!

            Those heels are cuteeeee! I love love love lace shoes and I actually don’t own any… I have been lusting over this pair for the longest time…


            Wearing heels is all about practice! I often walk around my apartment in heels..

          • wheetnee

            I don’t know if you heard of John Fluevog ( but they have the COMFIEST heels ever, but they’re so expensive. My friend took me there and we tried some on and you could literally run in them. But they’re too pricey :(

            omg that dior pair looks amazing! And it costs 4x as much as the marc jacobs flats LOL I love lace tooooo I’ve been wanting to get lace flats or something with lace..

          • Angel

            Ohhh I have never heard of that brand! I have to go check it out! Man I’m so picky with heels tho… I only wear stilettos and refuse to wear anything with chunky heels (except boots), and pretty much all have to be 5 inches all… at least 4… I’m trying to kill my feet here LOL!

            Lace and bow.. so perfect. Why are they so expensive…..

          • wheetnee

            Wow those Valentinos…are absolutely BREATHTAKING. Nude color + lace + bows…can’t wait till I get rich and I can have a proper shoe collection 😛

            how is walking in 5 inch heels like :O I’m such a noob in heels it’s embarrassing lol.

          • Angel

            Haha I am just dreaming of a shoe collection already… my most expensive heels are from Aldo right now haha and I think they are too expensive already… sigh student budget!

            Walking in 5 inch heels isn’t thatttt bad. I do hate how my feet slip forward and my toes get cramped, I am considering of getting some sort of insert that might help with that. It’s all practice I think. Let’s just say, I was wearing 5 inch heels one night, and it was kind of icy out and I never slipped once, and then I changed back to my winter boots when the event ended and I almost slipped twice -_-.

            Hey we all have to start somewhere right? I was just an idiot and started with 5 inch heels and almost killed myself wearing them lol! Definitely start low, slow and practice!! :)

          • wheetnee

            I always wanted a walk in shoe closet like you see on TV *______* A room just full of shoes….a girl can dream right? 😛

            I’ve never tried 5 inches….but dang that would be amazing to look 5″7!!
            Heels actually good weapons, throw it at someone if they look like they want to attack.

      • Angel

        Ohhh btw does Holt Renfrew carry them? If you apply for the Holt Renfrew credit card you get 10% off your first purchase…. LOL! I am still calculating what will be most worth that 10% off haha.

        • wheetnee

          Yeah, I think they do! Really???? 10% off?! Hmmmm, I could technically never use that credit card….can I? I know Brown’s carry them too, and some other high end shoe stores but they’re far from where I live.

          • Angel

            Well you have to use it to use the 10%, but after that.. no you don’t have to use it LOL. I don’t know.. that’s what I’m doing. There are some restrictions on the 10% tho, you can’t use it at Louis Vuitton and a couple other brand names, I don’t think Marc by Marc Jacobs is on the list, so maybe check first?

            Then again… it’s really a personal choice haha. Some people like to have as few credit cards as possible, while others… let’s just leave it there… LOL

            I’m like leaving all my high end shopping spree till I head to the states this summer… since it’s so much cheaper there!

          • wheetnee

            Yeah, I’m planning to go to states after exams are over! So excited to stock up on everything I don’t need 😀

            I found this :

            No annual fee! Now, I’m extremely tempted to get them after exams…

  • pearlessence

    Hahaha the little animals are so cute! And as Angel says, as long as you wear them it’s so worth it.

    I’ve been lusting after these:

    • wheetnee

      Omg those snakeskin flats look gooooorrrrgeous!

      Why are shoes so expensive?! I want them soooooo badly T_T I’ve visited the store a couple times too

      • pearlessence

        Haha it’s worth the investment as long as you wear them until they fall apart!

        • wheetnee

          I most definitely would wear them until they fall apart cause they’re the most perfect style-for-me flats I’ve seen yet to date. 😛 I think I might get them after exams haha T_T

          • pearlessence

            Can’t wait to see them! :)

          • wheetnee

            Yessss 😛 I guess I’ll just lose a bit of my summer paycheck :’)

  • curiousitykitty

    Aah, love them (especially the top, plain pair)! They really remind me of these adorable cat shoes I’d oogle every time I was in Camden Market (I wonder if TUK still make this range?)… Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. You could call it an “investment”.

    • wheetnee

      Those cat shoes are adorable :O :O I love shoes like that! I never heard of TUK…the site looks like it has really funky designs which i love 😀

      I think I will invest in those expensive shoes 😛

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