DIY: Bits and Pieces

Blog views have been down lately, school has been stressful, reports/essays/homework still due during finals time, so pretty much life isn’t looking very optimistic. I realized I have been over thinking so many things lately to the point of a metal breakdown, and  I couldn’t focus on the more important priorities.

So, I had to do something relieving and went back to jewellery making.(Note: my materials come mainly from Etsy)

Here’s two things I made today to spice up my spring/summer season:

Spring Bird & Eggs Earrings


  • Rhodium plated ear hooks (Etsy)
  • Rhodium plated chain (Etsy)
  • Matte-rhodium plated bird charms (Etsy)
  • Small glass pearls (Etsy)
  • Fish cord

I used the fish cord to entwine the pearls into a small ball, which sort of represents the eggs of a mother bird.

Wearing le birds

Next, I made this bow-tie bracelet for my girly girl days. I have a little obsession with bow-tie patterns, and this bracelet will be my newest addition to my bow-tie collection! This bracelet sure needs to brighten up my closet full of dark clothes.

Bow tie bracelet

Materials used

  • Resin bow tie charm
  • glass pearls
  • Rhodium plated chain
  • Clasp

Definitely want to wear this when I go to high tea and pretend I’m living in the Victorian era.

I make my own lemonade from lemons. The sour the better.

  • pearlessence

    Oh my gosh, everything is so cute! Angel also has a bowtie-obsession haha. It’s good you have something so creative to use to unwind :) Take a deep breath, relax, and take some time out for yourself – it’s definitely good for you :) School’s almost done though, so hang in there!

    • wheetnee

      Thanks! Haha I don’t know why I love bow tie stuff that much! I definitely need a lot of me time nowadays!

  • kapamilya_sb

    I love the earing…its cute and fashionable.

  • curiousitykitty

    What adorable bird charms! I love homemade jewellery anyway, but they are lovely. It’s a bit of a strange coincidence; it was only yesterday that I was admiring one of my sister’s many, many necklaces, one with a little dove charm on the end. I’ve never come across something quite like it before. Beautiful work!

    • wheetnee

      Aw thank you :) I love homemade jewellerey or stuff you can buy from craft fairs, since they’re so unique, although bit more expensive :(