Macaron Adventure, Part III: Simply French Cafe

So I officially decided that I am going to start a macaron adventure and hunt for all the tasty macarons in Vancouver.

For all those who don’t know, macarons is a confectionary originated from France, and it resembles a mini sandwich of two cookies, with either a buttercream or jam filling. They have been getting very popular and they’re becoming a rising trend in desserts in America too! Don’t get this confused with macaroons.

On nom nom for the day

I have previously tried macarons at Saint Germain Bakery, as you can see here; and I have also had macarons from Thomas Haas, which could be read here. Today, I visited Simple French Cafe for my third macaron experience.

I found this cafe when Groupon sent me two emails, one regarding “Groupon Now!” deals and another email saying I had $10 off any Groupon Now purchase. I was about to delete both of them, but I decided that I’ll check it out to see if they had anything good for today. Then this $9 for $14 worth of desserts at Simple French Cafe caught my eye, and I checked its location and found it was very close to UBC, so I decided to get it.

So I ended up paying $0.00 for my $14 voucher! Good stuff!

After my meeting at UBC, I ventured out to this cafe, and it was only a 12 minute bus ride.

Simple French Cafe (Took this on the bus, as I forgot to take a picture of the exterior earlier.)

(From here, I apologize that the quality of my pictures are not as great since I was in a hurry. Sorry!)

When I walked in I wasn’t sure what I walked into. (Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the interior!) But it looked like half a house and half a cafe. There were some tables and chairs, and some cupboards with little trinkets lying around. It was kind of messy, but I thought it gave the place character and it looked cozy.

A portion of the cafe

There were mainly seniors or adults with children in the cafe. But I can see that this would be a nice study spot, as it is quiet and it has wifi.

Of course, I went to the counter and zoomed in the display of macarons. They didn’t have many flavours- one lemon left, raspberry, orange-chocolate, and coconut. Each macaron costed $2.50 each. Thank goodness for the coupon!

Raspberry = top left (all the pinks)
Orange chocolate = middle row (orange)
Coconut = far right (white)
Lemon=the lone yellow macaron on bottom right

I gave two to my friends and I brought the rest home to share with my family :)

Stack and snack at home

My judgement:

  • Lemon: Lemon is usually my favourite flavour of any dessert, and I enjoyed the lemon macarons I had at the previous visited places. As much as I liked the lemon shell as it was full of flavour and soft, the cream was too thick, rich, and “milky” flavour for me. I ate the shell and threw out the middle.
  • Raspberry: My favourite one. It was not extremely sweet, the cream inside was delicious, and the shell was great too!
  • Coconut: The filling was too numbingly sweet. The shell was very yummy, but as you can see in the picture, it cracked easily.
  • Orange -Chocolate: The orange part of the shell was okay, but the chocolate was sweet. Not usually a fan of orange flavoured food, but hey, I got to try it right?

All in all, I thought they were on the sweet side. The raspberry macaron was a definite hit though.

They had other pastries and drinks to purchase, but I didn’t want to spend too much.

Giant drinks menu
Lemon meringues – looks delicious!

Simple French Cafe also offers macaron cooking classes for $49 + tax, and you get six macarons (and a glass of champagne apparently!)

One concern I have about this place is the cleanliness. It looked musty inside. Also, when the owner was taking plates of macarons out for me to choose, there was a crumb lying on the table, and he picked it up with his hand and ate it. I was kind of stunned about this.

But, the owner was a very cherry and friendly man and he was talking to me about how he was learning to play sudoku to train his brain. He said that his shop is his wife’s and everything is handmade.


✔ The macarons are gluten free.
✔ Although they were expensive, the macarons were quite big, so it took many bites to finish one. I cut them in quarters so my family and I could share different flavours.
✔ Raspberry was yummy.
✔  Everything is home made


✘ How clean the store is
✘ Too much cream in the macarons = too sweet

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  • Barbra & Jack Donachy

    They look so good. I’ve got to try and make some.

    • wheetnee

      I want to try to make them too!

  • kalyrical

    I love how you put the price on your blog as well 😀 I hate reading about some food place, then going there with the intention of trying it out only to realize it’s going to cost 5x more than I expected =.=

    • wheetnee

      Thanks :)
      I know exactly what you mean, price is a major factor in food and trying out stuff. I don’t like going to someplace thinking the cost of it wouldn’t be so bad, then I look at the menu and I get a totally different price :( If I didn’t have a groupon I probably would have never went!

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  • pearlessence

    Wait… so what IS the difference between macaroons and macarons? I always thought these were macaroons!

    • wheetnee

      MacaroOn is more like a little coconut cake (the ones I’ve had anyway,) and the French ones are macaron, but I guess some people also call them “French macaroons?” I only realized that last year haha, and since then I’ve been on a hunting craze of them. Lots of people get confused too, so I went to a youtube page to hear the pronunciations of the word as well.

      French macaroon/macaron are definitely pricier than the other macaroons(like coconut macaroon.)

      I think I’ve used the word macaroon at least 10 times in this comment 😛

      • pearlessence

        I think I should Google it lol

  • The Sweet Life

    I love your macaron adventures! I wish there were more places that sold macarons in Boston, as I would do macaron taste-tests all day long…one of my favorite things about Paris is that you could find macarons pretty much on any random street corner. Next step is baking them yourself!!

    • wheetnee

      Thanks! I never been to Paris, but I really want to go one day to try their food!!

  • jsleigh14

    I love the juxtaposition of the macaroons on the asian plate!!

    • wheetnee

      LOL! Thanks. I know, the plates I had at home are all Asian hahaha.

  • CokaRabbit

    Those macaroons look so delicious!!! and the ” half house & half cafe” makes me laugh!! your photo presents it very well!! lol

    • wheetnee

      They were more on the sweeter side, but delicious nonetheless! Yeah, it was the first time going into a cafe like that!