Left Hungry for More: Hunger Games Review

On opening day, I brought my 2 weeks early preordered tickets and went to lineup for Hunger Games 2.5 hours earlier before show time.Thank goodness I lined up early, because there were already approximately 30-50 people in front of me, and people were also budging half an hour before the movie as well. :(


Did the movie meet my expectations? Yes.


  • Jennifer Lawrence captured the perfect essence of Katniss Everdeen. Her ” I volunteer!” at the reaping sent chills to my spine, and her interaction with Ruewas equally emotional and touching. I can tell she puts her heart in every scene and delivers to the audience. I was also in love with her eyelashes (and her dress on fire- glad they pulled it off!) when she was on Capitol TV.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Peeta  Mellark. I admit, if I HAD to take sides, I would choose Peeta. Josh Hutcherson was adorable, charming, and sweet which made his character likeable, just like the book. I loved his smile when he was waving to the Capitol when they arrive by train. He IS Peeta.

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  • Peeta touching Katniss’ braid at the end, before eating nightlock. I nearly leaped out of my seat.
  • Effie Trinket! Her makeup was amazing and she was hilarious! Much more likeable than the book! “That is mahogany!” 
  • Cinna: He is one of my favourite characters in the book, and Lenny Kravitz did so well playing his role. He stayed cool, but you can tell he is on the good side and he and Katniss has a trustful relationship. He was also rocking the gold “guyliner.”
  • The bread scene: I have been anticipating this scene because I saw it in the “TV SPOTS,” and even though Peeta gives her bread when they were 11, I still enjoyed the scene even though they were obviously older in the movie. Peeta’s glance at a hungry Katniss pretty much wraps the whole scene and left me feeling like a marshmallow.
The bread scene

HMMMM, but that’s so good.

  • The lack of Gale- but he will be important in the future books. I still don’t feel much “Gale” coming from him, hopefully his character will be redeemed in the future movies.
  • The ending is supposed to be more sad than happy in the book, since Peeta finds out Katniss “fakes” her love in order to win the Hunger Games. However, I am somewhat satisfied that they decided to keep things simple at the end.
  • Did anyone else scream when the mutt jumped out? I did. So much for PG-13. (I’m 21 )
  • I thought Haymitch hated Katniss a lot more! But I also like movie Haymitch- especially when he gave her a thumbs up after she said she shot an apple near the gamemakers.


There were some things that were not in the book, added to the movie that I enjoyed.

  • The interaction between Seneca Crane and President Snow: The audience gets an idea why the Hunger Games needs a victor, and what led to Seneca Crane’s downfall.
President Snow and Seneca Crane
  • How the arena is controlled: I have a great visual image now of how the Capitol decides to put what they want in the arena- the scene where they decided to add the forest fire and the mutation mutts were well done as they gave me a new insight into the story.
  • The uprising of District 11 after Rue’s death. Powerful.
  • Haymitch interacting with member of the Capitol to get Katniss her medicine. It’s nice to see that side of Haymitch.
  • Locking Seneca Crane in a room of nightlock berries: So that’s how he is killed!

I love these scenes, because the whole book is told in Katniss’ point of view. The movie was able to capture Katniss’ perception, as well as the Capitol’s point of view, and also as an audience member.


The worst part of the movie? The giggling girls sitting behind my chair when it was tense and quiet. They should seriously have a separate theatre for tweens.

Although some things were removed from the book or slightly altered; I felt they stayed true to the book. I’m glad that the author, Suzanne Collins, got to write the screenplay as well which made the movie alive.

This movie is a MUST SEE – it appeals to all ages and gender – there’s enough killing and fighting for the boys to enjoy, but the softness and emotion side of the movie is also appealing to girls. After watching it, I was definitely in awe and I am hungry for the next movie, Catching Fire.

Of course,going to the movies wouldn’t be complete without my Mockingjay pin.

My Mockingjay Pin

Did you see the movie? Any thoughts? I’d love to have a discussion!!

  • http://pearlessence.wordpress.com pearlessence

    I read the synopsis on Wikipedia, but you need to tell me which boy she chooses at the end because it doesn’t say and another blogger who reviewed Hunger Games won’t tell me! 😛

    • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

      No! You must read the books or watch all the way to the third movie! 😛

      • http://pearlessence.wordpress.com pearlessence

        …There are THREE?! @__@

        • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

          It’s a trilogy!

  • http://thewalkntalk.wordpress.com jsleigh14

    “giggling girls” LOL.

  • Haleigh

    Ive read all three books!!!! Seeing the movie 2morrow by DVD!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!