Arrival of March LuxeBox!

My Luxebox for March arrived today! I was surprised it came so fast, because when I checked its tracking, it was supposed to arrive on March 23.

If you missed out, or don’t know what it is, check out my review for February’s Luxe Box here.

What could be inside??
My March Luxe Box

Firstly- they had their “First in Line” program where you can choose one of three items to be in your box. By signing up for this program, it guarantees one thing to be in my box. I chose the Cargo Glitter Top Coat to be my item.

Cargo Glimmer Top Coat

“Let your eyes steal the spotlight! The ultimate transformer, CARGO’s Glitter Top Coat takes your daytime eye makeup straight into the evening with one sweep of the brush.Infused with colored iridescent glitter in a transparent base, Glitter Top Coat can be worn alone or on top of any waterproof eyeliner or eye shadow.The super long-wear formula is both waterproof and smudge-proof, and the magic tip applicator allows for perfect results”Cargo website

I love this! This is my first Cargo cosmetics. Perfect it came today so I could wear it to the opening of Hunger Games! I tried this over my black liner, and it didn’t smudge or anything. I added one layer for subtle glimmer and it was great It did not irritate my eyes. I wore it from 10:30 am- 11:30 pm and nothing went astray.

This top coat can also be worn alone OR over eyeliner OR on top of eye shadow.

Trying the Cargo Glimmer Top Coat

(Sorry I need to wear my glasses to see the focus!)

I received a full sized version of this, and it’s value is $18.00.

I pretty much already got more than the box’s value!

Next- I received was the Kerastase Masque Age Recharge.

Kerastase Masque Age Recharge

This is the second time I received a hair product in my Luxe Box. Guess I put hair concern in my profile, don’t really remember. However, I don’t mind because I love anything that can make my hair softer, since it’s still pretty brittle.

This product is supposed to be applied after washing hair, then wrap hair in a warm towel, leave for 5 minutes, and rinse. It smells wonderful, and I can’t wait for it to “transform” my hair as it says.

The full size (200mL) costs $60.  I received 30mL. (This sample should cost approximately $9.) Glad I got a sample because I would never spend that much on a product!

Third product that I’m going to talk about is the DDF Advanced Firming Cream.

DDF Advanced Firming Cream

This is a moisturizer, with glycerin, zinc, and copper that hydrates, firms, and tightens skin. It looks like an interesting product, but I’m still young, and I still look like I’m in elementary school, so something like this wouldn’t be in my normal part of my routine. Perhaps I’ll try it on extra dry patches of skin?

The full size (48g) costs $140, and I received a sample of 14 g. My sample costs approximately $40.83!!

Lastly- I got a mini pouch of perfume samples.

Perfume Sample


  • I’m not a perfume person, and I have no idea why I’m sent perfume AGAIN, since my last Luxe Box had perfume
  • These are tiny samples that any counter would give if you asked. I can pretty much get them for free.


  • To look on the bright side, I’m glad I got Love Struck by Vera Wang, because I was going to buy the roller ball for it, so having this tiny sample is actually quite handy. I like the smell of this. Also, Leighton Meester is the face of Vera Wang and she’s one of my favourite actresses. So I was quite happy with Love Struck.
  • Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs: I also have the roller ball of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, so I guess getting Oh Lola! isn’t too bad because it is a popular scent and I like Marc Jacob’s perfume.

Nothing to say about the Calvin Klein Shock for Her– smells ordinary and can totally live without it.

I also got a bonus “CK ONE Shock for Him” man’s fragrance as an “exclusive opportunity” to share with someone. I gave it to my brother since he doesn’t have cologne and he’s been smelling kind of sweaty (for real.) He was fine with it, so I am too!

CK One Shock for Him

I actually got a small bottle of it, not a tiny sample spray! The bottle contained 15 mL.

Bottle of CK ONE Shock for Him

Another mini surprise is this card that contains wildflower seeds. They wrote a post on how to plant these here. This looks fun and exciting and I’m sure my grandma would love it because she loves gardening!

Card with seeds

All in all, I’m fairly happy with my Luxe Box due to my Cargo Glimmer Top Coat. I hope the sending of excessive perfume will stop soon.

Approximate value: $68
Rating: 3.5/5

Hopefully my April Box will be awesome!

  • detestament

    Wow, an EXACT replica of mine! I used the eyeliner immediately but the rest has sat in the box since I got it on Monday. Same issue with the tracking — received the # AFTER my box had already arrived!

    Trying the hair treatment today as my hair is weak and breaks as well.

    Thanks for the review! Oh, I love the Marc Jacobs perfume too!

    • wheetnee

      I’m trying the hair treatment today as well 😀 I realized that they still haven’t have me a makeup sample, except for the Cargo topcoat which I requested!

  • kofykat

    ah. perfume samples seem ot be added to every one of these services. Its kinda sad considering that you can get most of it for free.

    • wheetnee

      I know :( I have a feeling I’ll end up throwing them away or something.

      • kofykat

        is it even worth subbing to this service then,

  • pearlessence

    Hmm…. like you, I think the most exciting thing here was Cargo’s Glimmer Top Coat – the one item you got to choose for yourself. I’m not big on perfume either, and my hair is in pretty good shape because I don’t style it much.

    …still lusting after Topbox more than Luxe Box!

    • wheetnee

      Me too :( Hopefully I get my topbox email soon then I can unsub from luxe box! Although they said I can email them to request a frangrance free box next month, so I’ll see how that goes~!