My other other job & my passion

One of the many things people don’t know about me is my “other other job.”  A hobby that I have picked up over the years is jewellery making/designing. I started opening my online Facebook store in 2009, originally selling old stuff I had to clear up my clutter and hoarding. I always had an interest in making jewellery, and I wanted to see if what I can make can sell. Many people asked me how did I start setting up my store and doing all of this.

I pretty much just made another account and spent a lot of time taking pictures of stuff I don’t use anymore and hopefully someone else will treasure what I used to cherish. I don’t like throwing things away because I have a lot of sentimental value of stuff I used to have. As my network of friends grew wider, so did my online popularity and my business was slowly arising. Soon, I branched out from selling bits and pieces to handmade jewellery.

I used to make earrings out of elastic string and metal based fish hooks, but then I started buying more quality supplies from Etsy and craft stores. I wanted to make my own handmade stuff instead of buying them, since they’re always so overly priced at those craft fairs. Although I understand it costs more since its handmade, I want to provide people the same kind of items at a more affordable price. And since last summer when I begun making jewellery, my mini self business has really kicked off.

Here are a few pieces I created that many people off Facebook purchased from me and enjoyed.

This rose toggle bracelet is one of the first pieces I have sold, and I regret not keeping one for myself! I use a silver plated leaf and a Swarovski element tear drop bead to make the bracelet look more elegant.

Rose Toggle Bracelet

Another one of my favourites is this figaro necklace with dangling bird and crystal. (I should really give “official” names to some of these.) I love wearing anything with nature on it, and it took me a while to formulate this. I also started how to wire wrap beads when I made this necklace.

Bird Dangling Necklace

This is a ring I made. This was simple to make and I was glad lots of people liked it!

Purple Bouquet Ring

This bird branch necklace was also a hit on my store. I also made one for my friend for her birthday and she loves it!

Birds on a Branch Necklace

Roses seemed to be a very popular thing to be integrated into jewellery. These are other pairs of rose dangles and rose studs that I made. I was obsessed with these rose studs and I still have many more to left to sell.I have made 60-70 pairs of rose studs, with over different 3o color choices. I also sometimes add a little swarovski flatback or pearl flatback on the studs for a bit of bling and shine. For studs, I use surgical stainless steel for the ear posts.

Rose Studs

Pale Pink rose studs

Emerald Rose Studs

Blue Rose Dangles

Small salmon pink rose studs with swarovski <3

Big White Rose ring

This is a pair of flower branch hoops I made – with 925 Sterling Silver hooks + Swarovski Crystals.

Flower Hoop Dangles

This is also my other favourite pair of earrings, because it’s a representation of spring – with little pink Swarovski crystals as cherry blossoms and a bird.

Cherry Blossom Dangles

As you can seem, I love making earrings. I have loads of earrings at home and I love seeing different earring designs.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been really happy with my reception and I even had orders to ship to the United States! Although lately I have been busy so I haven’t had time to update my store, I will be picking it up again in the summer.Although I am studying to be an engineer, I hope to take my business to an upper level one day, and maybe when I retire or something I can travel around to craft fairs and try to sell my creations.

For more pictures, please check out my store, Kawaii Garage, HERE.

Thank you for reading! Have you ever made any jewellerey? I’d love to hear all about your crafty ideas!


  • jsleigh14

    u MAKE these!? WOW!!!!

  • Solipsism Dreams

    you are so talented!

    Loretta xx

    • wheetnee

      Aw, thanks :)

  • love212

    Such pretty pieces, I really love your style!

    Elena x

    • wheetnee

      Thank you ^^

  • detestament

    Wow, so pretty. Kind of tempted to buy but not and never will be a part of the Facebook machine.

  • kofykat

    love these. very pretty…. I’m too lazy to sit and make jewellery myself. admire your patience.

    • wheetnee

      Aw thanks :) Sometimes I get frustrated too haha

  • maganda panda

    I LOVE that ring you made. I’m pretty obsessed with rings at the moment haha. You’re really talented, keep it up :)

    • wheetnee

      Thanks :) Hopefully I’ll have more during summer.

  • Angel

    This inspires me to pick up making jewelry again! I used to make them a few summers ago but stopped because school got in the way…

    Btw I love your designs! So talented! :)