Product of the Week: $2 Daiso Charcoal Mask

Everyone has stubborn pores and blackheads on their noses that never seem to go away. The T-Zone of the face is the most oily part of the face. The days when I feel it getting “oily” I get really annoyed. The latest product I discovered was the¬†Charcoal Facial Mask I bought from Richmond Daiso for $2.

Charcoal Facial Mask

First off- Daiso is a Japanese is a dollar/convenient store that sells everything from clothes to slippers, snacks to cups, iPhone cases to skincare and more. Most items are $2, and some bigger things cost a bit more. Daiso is a one stop shop if you need anything quickly. I never thought about buying skin care products for $2, but I read some reviews on the Charcoal Facial Mask and decided to give it a try. Hey, if it was bad I could chuck it in the garbage without regrets.

The highlight of the Charcoal Facial Mask, other than its price, is its ingredient,charcoal. Charcoal is known for its purifying properties. The Daiso mask is used primarily for removing pores and blackheads. Also, it is made in Korea.

I have used Biore pore strips before, but I find them expensive ($8-$10/box at drugstores.)

I have read that pore strips actually make it worse for your skin, since you are pulling the top layer of your skin off which damages the capillaries. In addition, your pores could worsen by consistent pulling of the skin. You should not be using them on a daily basis because it can produce long term problems. The Charcoal Mask is somewhat similar because it involves “pulling” and I use it 1-2 times per week- 2 weeks.

I definitely found the Charcoal mask to be effective. My observations:

  • minimizes the look of pores
  • makes my skin looks softer and feels less oily
  • clean feeling

How I use it:

  1. Squeeze out a reasonable amount of charcoal mask liquid and evenly apply it on your nose (or other areas of your face, but I primarily use it on my nose.)
  1. After applying, let the mask rest on your skin for 10-15 minutes until it is dried. Don’t move your face muscles too much or you will crack the mask while drying.
  2. After it is dried, slowly peel it by starting on the outer corners of the mask and peeling in towards the centre of your face.
    (NOTE: The mask will hurt slightly while peeling. Be very gentle and slow. You do not want to damage your skin.)
  3. Use toner/softener after mask is removed.
Click image for a high-res picture to see end result.

I have normal/dry skin, so my skin hasn’t reacted to the mask (yet). I am not sure how it affects sensitive skin, so please do a small test patch before spreading it over your face.

Ingredients: Alcohol and methylparabens form part of the ingredients list. As I mention, do not use this product regularly. On the back of the tube it says ” Do not use more than twice per week.”


The Charcoal Mask Pack solves blackhead problems short term- your pores will be oily and surface again later.

Warning: People sell this product on ebay for $6-$15 dollar- they are ripping you off!

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried this inexpensive mask before? Or do you use some other method to get rid of nasty pores? Let me about your skincare routine!

  • jsleigh14

    $2 mask?? really??

    • wheetnee

      Yes!!! Really $2 at Daiso! It’s on second floor :)

  • pearlessence

    Jealous! I want to try it tooooooo lol where is Richmond relative to UBC? I might try to convince my friend to pick one up for me – if he doesn’t feel weird getting a mask LOL

    • wheetnee

      Try it! $2 is such a steal. Richmond is a bit far from UBC (I go to UBC too, commute everyday T_T) If your friend takes a bus then skytrain, it should be around 45-50 minutes? Lol it should be fine, it looks very inconspicuous!

      • pearlessence

        Yeaaaaah I don’t think he’s going to want to go that far to a place he’s probably never been to D: Oh well haha

        • wheetnee

          Aww :( Maybe you should visit Vancouver! Where are you from in Canada?

          • pearlessence

            In London, but Toronto is home :)

  • Angel

    That looks really interesting! Too bad it has methylparaben in it! I used to be fine with chemicals like that but I am taking a class that basically makes me a lot more aware of what’s in the products I’m using on my body… Hopefully there will be more charcoal based products that are more natural because using charcoal on skin care product sounds really cool and I can see how it can be effective! Thanks a lot for the review! :)

    • wheetnee

      Yeah :( The mask is pretty good for short term use. Ohh that sounds like a cool class! I bought the mask on a whim even before checking the ingredients, stupid me ==”
      Thanks for reading :D

      • Angel

        Haha we all have those moments where we don’t read the ingredients list until we bought it! That’s not stupid! :) Just like how I got a MAC lipstick and didn’t realize it has phthalate in them! I need to try to make an effort to read the ingredients before buying things!

        But hey, at least it works! :p

        • wheetnee

          What’s phthalate? (See, I don’t know much about this stuff :( )

          • Angel

            Haha I didn’t know about this until like a week ago! :p It’s a chemical that can mimic estrogen and hence disrupt the hormone regulation in the body… but the quantity in makeup and things like that are really small so I don’t think theres really a lot to worry about unless you eat a lipstick a day LOL.

            I’m just paranoid and would like to avoid using them as regularly as I would’ve. I am probably still going to use that lipstick, just not on a daily basis.

            On a side note, not all MAC lipsticks have them, only some of them, so you’re still safe with some of their lipsticks if you use them :p

  • farah

    how much ? $2 malaysia ? post ?

    • wheetnee

      I bought it for $2 Canadian

  • Vanessa

    You mentioned that it damages the skin due to the “pulling” technique and yet u r using it?

    • wheetnee

      It is bad to pull on the skin, hence I use it 1-2 times per month now, so my skin wouldn’t be damaged. It’s a good, affordable, quick fix for them oily days!

  • Faith

    Do they sell it online? And what is the cheapest place online to buy it? >.<

    • wheetnee

      I think some ppl buy them on ebay for around $7 :( Only instores its $2

  • Katinka

    Sorry, I just found out about the charcoal mask; where can I buy it? Usa? Asia? Europe? Thanks!!!