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The days my skin needs a perk me up, I slap a My Beauty Diary mask on. MBD is a brand originated from Taiwan, and has been sold in Asia and America.

I have tried a wide variety of different masks from their line – including: Bulgarian White Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Strawberry Yogurt, Pearl Powder, Apple Polyphenol, and Black Pearl. Each mask has its own distinct properties.

When you tear the package, there is a cloth mask + plastic sheet. You unfold the mask and remove the plastic sheet.

My favourite out of the masks I tried is the Apple Polyphenol and Bulgarian White Rose. I’ll give a brief explanation for both of them.

1) Apple Polyphenol

This mask is targeted for skin of all types, especially with enlarged pores. it is also used for moisturizing, smoothing, and firming skin. When I first rip open the mask, the first thing I notice is the fresh apple scent.

The main ingredients are: roselle acid, hyaluronic acid, and gentle nano. Roselle Acid removes dead skin cells and improves the looks of pores. Hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen and maintains hydration.

I put this mask on for 20-30 minutes and I feel that my skin is quenched, even when I wake up the next morning. The pores on my nose feels reduced and my skin is less blotchy. Although the scent of apple is strong, my skin does not react to its fragrance.

2) Bulgarian White Rose

This mask is the Number 3 of the Top 5 My Beauty Diary masks on their site. This mask is targeted for people with all skin types, especially dull skin. With my 5-6 hours of sleep per night, my skin is definitely lacking its radiance. I also love the floral scent of this mask. I am not a fan of floral fragrances, but the light scent of this is relaxing.

The main ingredients are: Bulgarian rose hydrosol, licorice & kiwi, and aloe/cucumber. Bulgarian rose hydrosol aids in hydration of the skin as well as soothing and refreshing. Licorice and kiwi is for skin whitening, and aloe/cucumber is for soothing and calming.

I really enjoy the “coldness” of the mask and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

The basic procedures for wearing this mask are:

1. Cleanse face thoroughly before applying mask

2. Excess essence from the packaging may be applied on the neck by massage

3. After 20 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption

4. Rinsing is not required

5. You may apply toner, moisturizer etc. after application

6. Use daily for maximum effect

My Tips

  • Even after wearing the mask for 30-40 minutes, there is still a lot of its serum on my face. Take a cotton pad (with or without toner) and gently pat it into the skin until it is absorbed.
  • Put it in the refrigerator an hour earlier if you want a more “cooling” feel.
  • I do not use this daily, approximately 2-3 times a week gives decent results.

These costs approximately $11.99 (on sale) or $14.99(regular price) at T&T for 10 pieces/ box. If you buy them from Hong Kong, they retail for approximately 100 HKD/2 boxes.

These masks are affordable and I would buy them again.

I have also included a chart for you to determine which mask you think your skin is fit for!

Comparison Chart

Do you use these too? What are your opinions? Share them below!
Feel free to message me on opinions on the other masks!

I would also like to announce a mini blog giveaway:  I have some extra My Beauty Diary Masks and I would love to give a sample sheet of the Apple Polyphenol Mask to next person who shares my blog via their blog & comment below to let me know!

  • Michelle

    Hey! I shared your blog on my tumblr to my followers! Hopefully they go check you out. You’re awesome and beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing :)

    • wheetnee

      I sent you a queston via tumblr, but you can send me your address to my email and I’ll send you a MBD Apple mask Sheet =) thanks for reading!

      • Michelle

        Oh what?! Unfortunately my inbox is still empty so I’m afraid it didn’t send to me :( For some reason, that’s been happening frequently to me on my ask box.

        I don’t know if you want to put your email on here for everyone to see, so would you like me to send you my email instead so you can message me from there and I can message you back from there to what my address is?

        I think you would be happy to know that you don’t have to pay shipping though, because I live in the suburbs of Vancouver (Surrey to be exact!) 😉

        Can’t wait to try the masks out! Thanks again <3

        • wheetnee

          Oh yes sure =))
          Happy to meet a local Vancouverite checking out my blog ^^

      • Michelle

        My email is :) And yeah! I was excited when I found out you were from vancouver!!!!

        • wheetnee

          I emailed you ^^
          Haha, thanks for the support! Glad to know other Vancouverites has similar interests!

  • pearlessence

    Love the chart, didn’t know they even had one! Too bad they don’t have some of the newer masks on there. Hooray for fellow Canadian :)

    • wheetnee

      Yeah! Although I find some of them work similar to each other. Do you mean the luxury line, like the truffle masks? Nice to meet another Canadian too 😀

      • pearlessence

        The birds nest, as well as some others. I cant remember them all and had the hardest time trying tk decide between a lot of them 😛

        • wheetnee

          Yeah same here! I think the Asian stores also sell a pack of 14, each mask a different flavour. Definitely want to get that after I’m done all of mine!

  • jsleigh14

    I use the black one haha…the yogurt one sounds neat

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  • YvonneT

    omgosh a fellow van-blogger!! this post is very helpful =]
    strawberry yogurt mask is my fav, but i love using the cooling mask after a hot day during summer ^w^

    • wheetnee

      Hello fellow van-reader 😀
      Glad the post helped ^_^
      I used to have loads of strawberry yogurt mask too before I ran out of stock 😀