Dessert Decadence @ Thomas Haas

Today my fellow blogger and friend from thewalkntalk, Justin Leigh, and I went on a dessert adventure at Thomas Haas. Thomas Haas is a patisserie located in Vancouver – there are two stores, one in North Shore, and the other in Kitsilano, which is where we visited today.

When we walked in, the shop was already bustling with people in the line up and others sitting down enjoying their cakes. We were there for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the place had a perpetual line up of customers. After trying their sweets, it’s no question why they bring so many people!

Firstly, the indoor decorations were gorgeous! The ceiling had a honeycomb pattern. Chocolate pastries lined the walls. At the far back is a chocolate-macaroon tree.

Thomas Haas indoors
Chocolate-macaroon tree.

The display of desserts made me feel like a little kid in a giant toy store- it was so hard to decide what I wanted to eat!

Dessert Display
display of cakes

Thomas Haas also sells handmade chocolates and truffles. It costs $3.50/piece. Too expensive to try, a picture will suffice!

Chocolate captions

Time to order! We ordered many, many, things.

Desserts decadence

We had a couple of bites of the croissant than dived into the desserts because they looked so tempting. The croissants were light, fluffy, and I can taste the buttery flavour. It was a fairly big croissant.

Croissant- $2.50

The special dessert of the week was the tiramisu. As a tiramisu lover, I had to try it!

Tiramisu- $5.50

This is definitely the most different from other tiramisus I have tried.I thought the outer layer of chocolate was hardened, but it was soft and creamy. There was a strong alcohol taste. The marcarpone and the sponge cake were soft and melts right in the mouth. My favourite part was the wafer at the bottom! It tasted like ferrero rocher!

To garnish the tiramisu, there was a piece of dark chocolate with THOMAS HAAS written on it. These little touches make a dessert perfect!

Chocolate on tiramisu

Next, we tried the pear almond tart.

Pear Almond Tart on display

“shortbread crust, almond cream cassiss gelee, poached pear, hint of cinnamon”

I really enjoyed this tart, although I am a bit biased because I like fruity desserts and cinnamon. It was soft and flaky. The pear tasted fresh and it was soaked with cinnamon and syrup.

My pearl almond tart

One thing to take notice of is the design of the plate. With my limited knowledge of chemistry, I believe that is a sugar molecule formation!

The third pastry we moved onto was the apple galette. Never heard of a “galette” before, but today was about trying new desserts and this looked appetizing!

Apple galette

This is sort of a flat danish coated with apple glaze, with apple slices, and other fruits. The apple was also sharp, fresh and juicy. When I cut it in half, there is some sort of blueberry cream inside. This was the most filling out of all the other pastries.

Inside the apple galette

Lastly, we also ordered the Fresh Raspeberry Cake.

Cake description

I asked for the gluten free version, but they were sold out. We got the normal one anyway. The raspberries were indeed fresh. I really enjoyed this dessert and I choose this one as my favourite out of the four. The coconut cake was not too sweet, and after eating one bite, I wanted more. There are also crushed almonds inside the cake which tasted wonderful along with the coconut cake.

Fresh Raspberry Cake

My friend also ordered a London Fog for $3.50. I had a small taste test and loved it!  The foam was light and soft. It wasn’t watery. It was hot and milky- definitely better than Starbucks.I also like the placement of the tea bag. There was no capillary effect either- the tea bag didn’t absorb the drink and get wet everywhere.

London Fog

Lastly, I wouldn’t leave this place without purchasing macarons! I bought a pack of 6 for $9.95. There were so many flavours, it was hard to choose. I ended up deciding on passionfruit, pistachio, and lemon. These were so much better quality than my first time trying them. The outside was soft, fluffy, and chewy. The filling was light and creamy.

Delectable Macarons

I haven’t stuffed myself with so much sugar and butter before. There were many other things I want to try, so I will have to go back again when I want to indulge (perhaps after finals!)  Their “exotic cheese cake”  and “paine au chocolate” were pretty much an invitation for me to go visit Thomas Haas and buy them again.Vancouver sure is lucky to have such a wonderful patisserie in town.

Edit: Thomas Haas tweeted me! I feel so proud he checked out my review! =)

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  • serialprincess

    I’m jealous you get to taste so many wonderful treats!

    • wheetnee

      Haha it was quite a feast!!

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  • jessica

    which place do u think have the best .. for macarons

    • wheetnee

      So far, I enjoyed Thomas Haas. But I’ll have to try more places for a wider comparison.